HD-DVD already to small

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See this is why I think this format war is idiotic. It has been revealed today that since the HD-DVD can only hold 30Gb the audio bundled with Transformers is only 5.1 and not Dolby TrueHD… 

Indeed, I had the opportunity to attend a special ‘Transformers’ media event with Paramount late last week, and the question was asked almost immediately — why no Dolby TrueHD or uncompressed PCM? The studio’s answer was that due to space limitations on the disc, the decision was made to limit the audio to Dolby Digital-Plus 5.1 Surround only (here at 1.5mbps). Unfortunately, this confirms the long-held theory that the 30Gb capacity of an HD-30 dual-layer HD DVD disc has forced studios to choose between offering a robust supplements package (as they’ve done here) and the very best in audio quality

Now I know all the Blu-Ray fans are going to cheer that this is a victory for Blu-Ray but it isn’t. Blu-Ray doesn’t hold that much more than HD-DVD and it’s not like Transformers is a true Epic the size of Braveheart. If a normal movie is already pushing the boundaries what is going to happen when the next true epic is released? Multiple discs for movies? I don’t think so.

So who feels like paying thousands of Rands for a format that is already becoming obsolete even before it has hit mainstream?

HD DVD Review: Transformers | High-Def Digest

Last Updated: October 17, 2007

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