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HTC cancels Vive pre-orders days before launch

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HTC Vive orders delayed

Virtual Reality got its first big player out the door last week with Oculus finally launching the Rift, and it’s only going to get more crowded with the launch of HTC’s Vive tomorrow. The more expensive headset comes with motion controllers, room-scanning cameras and different experiences, but it seems to be running into the same headaches Oculus has. Supply is really running short, and it’s forced HTC to cancel some orders on the eve of release.

According to some angry customers on Reddit, many of them have received communication from HTC informing them that their Vive orders have been cancelled just days before launch. Many of these orders are over a month old, with pre-orders for the device opening at the end of February. HTC says that this just means they’ll be missing out on the first wave of deliveries, but there seems to be some confusion.

In order to secure delivery during the second wave (happening next week), customers need to deal with their orders through HTC Support. This process, according to posters, is infuriating – sometimes even letting HTC take remote access of their desktop to process payment. Which sounds like a scam no matter how you cut it, making the entire situation that much stranger.

HTC does state that processing orders that have missed out on the first wave won’t delay them and put them at the back of the queue, provided customers can jump through these hoops. Oculus suffered a similar problem last week, with many wondering where their orders have been sitting. They eventually waived shipping on all orders and promised delivery as soon as possible, which might not bee too far from HTC’s thinking.

So Virtual Reality might be taking gaming to a new dimension, but it’s still hampered by real-world shipping woes.

Last Updated: April 4, 2016

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