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Huawei older phones may be blocked from receiving new Google updates

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The ongoing trade war between the US and China has for many companies for the rest of the world, especially for anyone who uses devices and software from either of those two countries. TikTok and WeChat have recently been in the firing line, but the world’s biggest smartphone manufacturer, Huawei, is facing the biggest challenges. Not only can its new devices no longer use Google’s app platform, but they could be running out of chips made in Taiwan as well.

Things are getting even more difficult for Huawei though, as the Trump administration is further tightening restrictions on the Chinese phone manufacturer. Not only do these new restrictions make it even more difficult for Huawei to get chips for its devices, but a reprieve that allowed for continued support and updates for Huawei devices sold before May 16 2019 has been removed as well, along with the measures for certain rural communities that still make use of Huawei telecommunications equipment.

There has been no word from Huawei yet in response to these measures and exactly how they will affect older devices, especially when certain legal agreements might still be in place by Google to support them on Android and the apps in the Play store run on older devices.

It’s sad that Huawei is subject to these issues as a result of unsubstantiated security concerns. Huawei’s future success may lie not so much in the strength of their product, but in their ability to get apps support in their own app store.

Last Updated: August 19, 2020

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