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Huawei overtakes Samsung to become the world’s biggest smartphone seller

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Sometimes the power you wield is only perceived as true influence, and that statement perhaps holds true for the US government. After banning the sale of Huawei phones in the US and forcing Google to halt doing business with them, essentially cutting the manufacturer off from their essential software services, it was feared that Huawei would struggle to maintain its presence in the mobile phone market

It appears that just the opposite has happened, as analyst firm Canalys has just released a new report that shows the Chinese tech company has actually overtaken Samsung and is now the world largest smartphone seller. Showing that the Huawei brand and quality of its devices can probably survive without Google and its ecosystem for the foreseeable future, while the company still plans to build out its own platform further.

The company has its local support in China to thank for most of that success, with the country accounting for more than 70 percent of the Huawei’s total sales. That and COVID-19, as Samsung’s sales have been more severely impacted by the declines in the global economy than Huawei’s devices. It’s likely that we will see Samsung reverse that trend when their new models are released and global economies start to recover, but either way, it showcases exactly how big Huawei’s global market is and that as long as it continues to receive massive support from its home country, it will remain a big seller and be able to throw more money at building its platform to appeal to more countries.

Huawei does make great mobile devices though, although without the Google ecosystem they are a little useless to many of us currently.

Last Updated: August 3, 2020

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