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Microsoft and Google ar workng togethr to improve their brwzir spellcheck

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Spellcheck is one of my favourite features on my browser and word processors. Not because I can’t spell, but because my fingers can be a bit clumsy and so typos creep in all the time. Thankfully, most of my errors can be quickly identified and corrected along the way, making it a lot easier for our honourable editor to not scratch his head in too much confusion trying to figure out what I’m trying to say.

Spellchecking on Chrome and Edge are about to get better, and the reason for this is because both Google and Microsoft have decided to work together in implementing some changes across the browsers now shared Chromium open-source platform. The latest versions of Chrome and Edge will now be powered by the built-in Windows Spellcheck feature, rather than the previous Hunspell open-source implementation. The switch means spellcheck within Chrome and Edge will now have better support for URLs, acronyms, email addresses and an improved shared custom dictionary. Something which Microsoft’s Edge Team say came about through collaboration between both companies:

This feature was developed as a collaboration between Google and Microsoft engineers in the Chromium project, enabling all Chromium-based browsers to benefit from Windows Spellcheck integration

If you’re not seeing the new spellcheck support show up in Chrome, then you may need to enable a flag to get it working. To do this, navigate to chrome://flags/ and search for “Use the Windows OS spell checker” and enable this setting and restart Chrome. This is only for the latest version of Chrome though os if you’re behind on your versions, don’t confuse yourself too much trying to do this. For Edge, it will be on by default.

While not nearly as good as the likes of Grammarly, Microsoft’s spellcheck in Windows is superior to that of the current Chrome one and having both browsers have access to it will hopefully make it even easier for many people who haven’t taken advantage of adding the Grammarly plug-in to their browsers.

Last Updated: June 1, 2020

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