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Microsoft reportedly abandoning work on Windows 10X

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When it comes to operating systems, Microsoft might rule the traditional desktop and laptop market with a reported 1.3 billion active Windows 10 devices around the world. As impressive as those numbers are, they pale in comparison to the number of people that are using mobile devices that are running Google’s Android software, which has lead to an operating system battle that Microsoft has clearly lost.

Microsoft is stepping back into the mobile game with its upcoming Surface Duo, although that device is still going to run on a modified version of Android. The company was gearing up a new Windows10X OS, which was set to be a stripped down version of Windows with no Live Tiles, a reduction of features, a special app container of performance and security, and with additional features available through cloud computing rather than on the OS. All of this would allow the operating system to run in lower spec devices and compete with the likes of Chromebooks and possibly Android in the future.

According to a new report from Petri, it appears Microsoft is putting that dream on hold a little longer, with Windows 10X unlikely to ship this year and possibly not any time soon, if at all. Instead, Microsoft is choosing to focus for now on improving the core of Windows 10 and trying to deliver better performance and more features through that rather than build a new OS entirely. These features include changing the user interface, new system icons, File Explorer improvements and of course, enhancing the already integrated Linux kernel which is proving to be a big draw for the company among developers.

Considering Windows 10X was supposed to power its upcoming Dual Screen Surface Neo, it is a huge change of direction for the company, which was hoping that a low spec OS could better run on dual screen devices without needing too much processing power. It’s not clear if this means the Neo itself will be delayed or if Microsoft will explore the option of running this on Android too as well. Or simply give the Neo some more power and let it run the full Windows 10 experience.

If there is one thig Microsoft has done well, it was to draw out the lifespan of Windows 10 and provide better updates and features. With Windows 10 arguably the best performing and most reliable version of Windows in a long while, it’s probably a smart move because we all know that Microsoft struggles to follow up a good OS with another one. Yes, we still can’t believe how bad Windows Vista was.

Last Updated: May 10, 2021

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