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Microsoft’s got a new plan to help finally kill off Internet Explorer

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There are a few things in this world that I will probably never understand. How a certain orange-skinned man became president of the world’s most powerful country. How the Kardashians remain so popular. And how in a world where there are so many great browsers out there, people still continue to use Internet Explorer. That last one is particularly sensitive because I know first-hand the frustration it takes having to support the archaic browser on your web software just because certain clients will refuse to move over and join the modern age.

Microsoft is also frustrated with people’s reluctance to switch to its newer browser and has even been rolling out automatic Windows updates that installs Chromium Edge on everyone’s machines. Something which hasn’t gone down too well with many Chrome users.

Microsoft is planning to take this battle to end Internet Explorer even further according to a new report rom ZDNet, and will start to force your computer to automatically launch websites in Edge if you try to open an “incompatible” site in Explorer.

If you’re a web developer that is sick and tired of supporting those clients still using IE, hopefully by choosing to no longer support them they will slowly see the light of day and realise that there is a whole other browser world out there. One where websites actually work and load quickly. Inevitably though there will still be many that will complain about needing to move off their beloved browser.

I’m assuming that many people reading this site shouldn’t need to care about this news, but if for some reason, you are still using IE please stop before your computer forces you to.

Last Updated: October 30, 2020

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