Microsoft wants to bring your living room to life

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Remember a while back when Microsoft’s mad scientists from their R&D department  first showed off it’s proof-of-concept IllumiRoom? It utilised Kinect and a projector to create a sort of whole room augmented reality experience. Turns out that was just the beginning. It’s still research, but it’s come a long way. This is IllumiRoom 2.0: RoomAlive.

RoomAlive takes the established IllumiRoom concept, but dials it up to eleven by extending the gaming environment to the entire room. Much like Illumiroom, it’s a proof of concept – but it looks rather incredible, giving players an entire, wholly interactive room. Players are able to reach out and touch objects in the digitally textured environment, or control traditional game characters across the entire room’s surface area.

While Virtual Reality is likely the next big thing, it’s a very closed off affair. This maintains the social aspect of videogames. Problem is, is that it’s not in any way feasible. Right now, the system requires 6 Pro-cam projector-depth camera units: essentially an unholy union of  Kinect and a projector – just to track and display everything properly.

RoomAlive’s video projectors and Kinect combination is far too costly and large for living rooms right now – but Microsoft is looking to the future with this R&D.

“There’s still lots to explore with RoomAlive as a gaming platform,” says a spokesperson from Microsoft Research. “We envision a future where games can use physical objects as part of the game.”

It’s a cool concept, but I just don’t see it breaking free from the confines of being a fun R&D project. Check it out.

Last Updated: October 6, 2014

Geoffrey Tim

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    Give me a G
    Give me a IMMICK


    • ReaperOfSquirrels

      I think we need to add a word to replace the word gimmick when we think it’s a really bad gimmick. So we go with FIMMICK… NEW WORD! o/! It obviously means F***ing Gimmick.

      • Sgt. M

        Change Approved

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  • Hammersteyn

    We’ve been having it. It’s called LSD

  • Bring our living room alive? So what, when they do their 180 it’ll be a killing room?? 0_O I’m sold…

    • Alien Emperor Trevor

      That sounds great…

      • Yeah. Now many up and do the flipping TMNT review!

        • Alien Emperor Trevor

          More than once? :/

  • Ceyber, Hans

    Why the greed?! X-Box One is actually pretty great but with nonsense like this? Microsoft can schnarf my bum fluff.

    It’s not like Samsung isn’t making them bucket loads of cash anyway…

    edit: If hyperlink doesn’t work:

  • Alien Emperor Trevor

    Yay, finally I can invite my real friends over without having to wear my rift.

  • Sageville

    Header should have read: “Microsoft wants you to destroy your living room furniture.”

    • Alien Emperor Trevor

      Not mine, it’s all rubber anyway. Wait… damn it!

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        I said “Furniture”, somehow you must have read “Clothing”…

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          Don’t gimp my jokes :'(

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            MMrrrrmmmphh! Rrmmmmaaaamwarrrr!

  • Whoami Idonno

    This is surely just the begenning, think of the possible applications for this, e.g. the movie Gamer not the game they play as such but the kids room with displays on all walls, could be nice foe Social media, video etc…
    I think this may be a giant step in to the future…

  • HvR

    All a ploy by MS to get enough cameras in your living room to create “bullet time” fapping videos.

  • WolfyZA

    Looks like every first world home has these massive living rooms design for these quick cash-ins

  • Mike

    It’s a proof of concept. It might look like a gimmick now, but it’s stuff like this that will lead to the Star Trek holodeck. Also as a theme park attraction (haunted house) or arcade game it could work.

    • Jedi Consular Kromas

      I am sorry but the only futuristic theme park I would want is one where they clone raptors that eat Samuel L Jackson. 🙂

  • konfab aka derp

    They have already given everyone a preview 0_o

  • Jim Lenoir (Banana Jim)


    Seriously Microsoft, stop fucking around, and invest in some decent games. Give me a reason to buy your crap box.

  • Sir Rants A Lot Llew

    Oh yay. Full room screensavers


  • Whosecter

    < ??????.+ spectre+ ********* ….. < Now Go R­e­­a­d M­o­r­e


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