You’ll never have illumiroom

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Remember Microsoft’s illumiroom concept; the augmented reality projector that would plaster your living room with images from a game or film to help increase immersion? It was rumoured to become a feature of the new Xbox – but you’ll never get to have it in your own home; it’s just too gosh-darned expensive.

Speaking to Ausgamers, Microsoft’s Albert Penello said that for now, it’s purely for research purposes.

“I wouldn’t expect you’ll see that. It’s really super-neat if you’re in the lab and you’ve got Microsoft money and you could totally set up this awesome lab, but… we looked at it, but for an average customer it’s, like, thousands of dollars [for the set up].”

I’m honestly not one bit surprised; the whole thing just didn’t seem feasible from the start – though it was pretty damned cool. Maybe in the next, next gen, eh?

Last Updated: September 2, 2013

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