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Microsoft’s HoloLens may not be a mere gimmick

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If you listen to Microsoft, Augmented Reality – through their HoloLens headset – is the future of computing. While they’ve shown off tech demos that hint at a future possibility, it’s always seemed like pie-in-the-sky stuff. Yesterday at BUILD, Microsoft showed it off again, and it’s starting to look like the future is here.

Taking the stage at Build, Microsoft showed real-world application of its mystical headset. And by golly, it seems to work as advertised. In the video below, you’ll see a demonstration of the thing in action, jigged with a special camera that allows you to see the things that that the chap wearing the headset can see.

Incredibly, it’s all apparently built in to Windows 10. Microsoft’s Alex Kipman – the guy behind the Kinect motion camera and now head of the HoloLens project – showed off the Windows Holographic Platform, which will let developers create Windows 10 apps that work on the headset. Everything in the demo was run using that platform.

“All universal apps can be made to work on Windows Holographic, and everything you’ve seen here today is a universal Windows app,” Kipman said.

And damn was it all rather impressive. The tech nerd in me wants to play about with this very, very much. Microsoft didn’t show off the system’s practical applications for gaming, but they’re quite possibly limitless. And better yet, the headset seems to be free from cables and cords – and doesn’t require tethering to a phone –  making it a far more practical device for an array of other applications beyond videogames and entertainment.

Last Updated: April 30, 2015

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