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Microsoft’s new Fluid Components and Whiteboard set to revolutionise the remote working experience

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With remote working pretty much now a standard for everyone, work is less about the location you need to drive to in the morning or how good the office coffee tastes, but now almost exclusively about the tools required to make that remote work as seamless as possible. This is an area of the market that Microsoft wants to capture with its ever-improving office suite that is now centred by its Microsoft Teams application.

And Microsoft is now ready to release one of its most exciting innovations to its productivity suite in a long time with the introduction of Fluid components. Rather than simply just have tables, documents, or elements of the documents you work in remain in their respective office apps, Fluid components now allow you to easily move elements between your different office apps, allowing you to easily share, collaborate, and work with them across the entire suite without restrictions. It may sound a little confusing, but with this new video, Microsoft shows how easily and effortlessly the concept works in reality:

If this feature works as seamlessly as Microsoft shows off here, then I expect Fluid components to become the next big thing in Microsoft Office. The ability to move components around between different applications is great and the ability to have content continuously evolve and improve across different documents will make workplace collaboration far better.

Another aspect of this collaboration is Microsoft’s new Whiteboard app, which allows people to work together and plan their work as they would on a traditional whiteboard, except only this time without the risk of getting any infectious diseases and with the added gain of tools that speed up the process.

Working in a collaborative space has been one of the biggest drawbacks of the pandemic, but with these great new tools from Microsoft, I think those problems should largely start getting solved. All we need now is for companies to realise the potential of this technology and keep people working remotely even post the pandemic.

Last Updated: June 21, 2021

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  1. Guild

    June 21, 2021 at 06:22

    Are these changes live and available or still to come?


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