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New Snapchat-owned app challenges people to a game of staying at home

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Do you know what always makes something better? Games. After all, playing games is the reason why many of us landed up at this site initially and wanted to share our love of it and indulge in news along with the rest of the world. In fact, it’s probably what many of you will spend your extra free time doing during the next three weeks of the national lockdown.

Anything to make the idea of social isolation and staying at home more fun and enjoyable is certainly welcome, and the idea of making a game out of it is certainly something which I’m sure most of you will find appealing. And now a Snapchat-owned location-sharing app has done just that by creating a way to gamify social distancing with a leaderboard comparing who amongst you and your friends spends the most time at home (via TechCrunch).

The Zenly app typically encourages sharing your location for things like meeting up with friends, something which Darryn typically would have no use for but that others may find useful. In a twist, Zenly can now show how much you and your friends aren’t going outside with its new stay-at-home leaderboard. Finally, a game many of you can be good at.

The leaderboard ranks the five of your friends that are staying home the most — and if you’re staying in as much or more than they are, you’ll be part of that top five. The app will reportedly take a while to figure out your patterns and where exactly home is, though given the fact that most of us shouldn’t be going anywhere, that shouldn’t be too hard. So I guess if you want to ensure your gaming friends are all doing their part to stay at home, challenge them with this leaderboard to see if you can beat them in the battle to stay at home the most.

Last Updated: March 26, 2020

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