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New Technology Changing the Floor Covering Industry

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As new technology grows in the home (source) and becomes available in the flooring industry, the 5 game-changing benefits of hybrid flooring become more apparent. Nothing is better than a floor that can hold up to any type of foot traffic. 

The bumps and dings created by the pets and occupants of the house can be tough on your floor, not to mention when people come over to visit. That does not even include the damage caused by food and fluid spills that can stain and damage floors with moisture.

That may sound great to you, and it is when you consider your alternatives. When choosing the perfect type of floor, your first choice should automatically be hybrid flooring because it brings numerous game-changing benefits to the entire flooring industry. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of hybrid flooring that make it the best choice for nationwide flooring installations.

Hybrid Flooring Brings Amazing Durability

Hybrid flooring combines numerous layers designed to withstand the everyday abuse a floor in a standard room goes through (see this YouTube video). The bottom section offers comfort and soundproofing. The second layer is the waterproofing layer, which also helps the flooring withstand extreme temperature changes. 

After that, you have the layer that gives eye appeal, and it is the layer that looks like the wood grain you want. The final layer is the top coat applied over the other three levels, protecting it all from any type of damage. 

Waterproofing Layer Makes It Safe For The Kitchen

If you have ever done dishes, you know how wet everything gets, even if you put them into a dishwasher. Water gets everywhere, spilling from the sink onto the countertop and down onto the floor. Water damage has been typical with the other types of flooring, causing stains and peeling of the top layers. 

Hybrid flooring is designed with a wet-resistant coating in the middle of the board. Then a top layer is added that prevents moisture from entering the layers. This gives the hybrid flooring two layers of protection, making it more than safe to use in the kitchen, says FlooringOnline.com.

Waterproofing Makes It Safe For Bathrooms

The bathroom is undoubtedly the room that has the most water splashed out onto the floor. The shower and bathtub spill water out and emit moisture into the air through steam. At one time, your best bet was to install some ceramic tiles and trowel grout into the cracks and underneath to hold them in place. 

Yes, this is a great way to protect your subflooring and beams, but it is expensive, even if you know how to install it yourself. Hybrid flooring is the perfect solution because it is water-resistant. Plus, it is durable enough to handle the steady stream of foot traffic. 

Hybrid Flooring Makes Cleaning Simple And Easy

Most of you are on the go from the time your foot hits the floor next to your bed. Life is crazy, and it demands all your attention. You have probably had to schedule some time to get some cleaning done, which you do not want to do all day. Cleaning a hybrid floor is simple and can be done in a very short time. 

The most important thing to remember is to use warm water that has some soap mixed into it. Soap that is designed for the hybrid floor that you have. Never use acidic cleaners because they will cause damage over time.

Hybrid Flooring Gives A Natural Wood Look

Eye appeal is one of the most prominent aspects of hybrid flooring, changing the game for suppliers and contractors. People worldwide want wood floors but do not have the time or money to maintain them. Hybrid boards can get the wood grain look without taking out a loan to install and maintain.


Hybrid flooring hit the world in a storm back in 2019 and has gained popularity. It is the best of both worlds, combining the look of old style with the durability of innovative technology designed into the production of the hybrid flooring. The flooring industry is changing, with hybrids leading the way.

Last Updated: August 30, 2022

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