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Overclock your brain with this shocking headset

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There’s a yet another new gaming device that purports to make you a better gamer; this time by passing current through your head to overclock your brain.


The Foc.us headset, according to its manufacturers will "increase the plasticity of your brain," and "make your synapses fire faster." and that, apparently, will make you smarter, react faster and help you pull of more headshots. The site promises that you can “Excite your prefrontal cortex and get the edge in online gaming.”

It works by shocking your brain, via four electrodes that deploy “transcranial Direct Current Stimulation (tDCS),” which has been effective in curing depression and driving demons out of people. You’ll need to use an iOS device to control just how much of a shock you’ll be giving yourself.

The Foc.us headset is available online only for US$249, because no actual stores would carry this digital snake oil. Honestly, if I was going to pay R2500 to get screwed, I’d expect Swedish hookers to be involved.

Believing that this will make you a better gamer would be like believing that homeopathy did…well, anything.

Last Updated: July 5, 2013

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