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PlayStation VR will sell millions thanks to accessibility, says developer

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Sony has been the last of the three VR horses to get out of the gates, but we’re expecting to have a price and release date within the next week courtesy of GDC. Oculus and HTC, by comparison, have already shocked some into silence with the prices of the Rift and Vive, retailing at $599 and $799 respectively. Sony is fighting an uphill battle already, but at least one developer thinks that it’ll sell the best out of the three. In fact, he thinks it will easily sell well into the millions.

WCCFTech caught up with Alfonso del Cerro, founder of Pentadimensional Games, who is currently working on Megaton Rainfall – just one of the many VR titles set to launch with PSVR later this year. When asked about the market viability of PSVR considering the expected high price, Cerro brushed off concerns. He’s convinced PSVR will be more successful than the Vive or Rift for one simple reason –accessibility.

I think PSVR will ship millions… Here in Spain I know a lot more people who own a PlayStation 4 than a high-end PC ready for VR.

Alfonso also believes that technically, the PSVR is the superior product. The Rift and Vive are also incredibly dependent on powerful hardware being able to keep the framerate stable during positional tracking, something which the PSVR manages while outputting at a smooth 120FPS. It might not reach the same visual fidelity, but del Cerro believes its stability is far more important.

It generates 120 frames per second, taking into account the movement of the head, even when the game fails to achieve 60 frames per second. Which means that there is no jittering at all. You can play Megaton Rainfall for 1 hour and won’t see any frame out of sync. I can’t say the same for the VR experiences on my PC.

And he’s probably right. When it comes to VR, having a jitter free, smooth experience is far more important, and sometimes the difference between a pleasant playing experience and motion sickness. Sony is really going to have a hard time convincing people to drop what everyone is expecting to be close to the same as a new console, but its accessibility is a huge help. Being able to just plug and play is what consoles are about, and PSVR needs to be just as easy.

We’ll know a lot more very, very soon.

Last Updated: March 9, 2016

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