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Printer ink cartridges are a scam

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You ever have that one day, where you desperately need to print something, and it feels like the whole universe is against you? You’ve probably encountered many an error with a printer before. Maybe the ink catridges weren’t aligned properly. Maybe it printed a page with massive gaps of text missing. Hell, you’ve probably had every error message under the sun telling you that you can’t print a monochrome document because you don’t have enough cyan ink.

It’s enough to drive a person mad, but clearly you’ve been beaten to the punch by the people who set the prices for replacement ink cartridges. Just for the sake of comparison, liquid Vibranium is probably cheaper than the stuff. But why? Why is something so simple so expensive and agonising to replace? If you answered with “greedy corporations fleecing their consumers” you’d actually be on the money.

If you had any that is, as buying a replacement cartridge has left your bank account drier than the Sahara desert. If you ever wanted a detailed breakdown on just how badly people are fleeced, then watch the video by Austin McConnell below, as he details exactly how one of the greatest scams in human history works. Mind you, said scam only seems to apply to inkjet models, not laser printers.

Right now, I feel like going full Office Space on my printer. On the plus side, this collection of replacement ink carts is going to make me richer than a cryptocurrency invester who offloaded his BitCoins in December 2017.

Last Updated: March 28, 2018

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