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Raspberry Pi has made a tiny fan for cooling your tiny computers

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Raspberry Pi’s are fun little minicomputers that can allow you to turn almost any device into some form of smart computer and has really accelerated the Internet if Things market. The maybe be nifty little devices, but given what people are making them do, its understandable that these computers are going to run hot from time to time and need some cooling to keep operating.

Now the Raspberry Pi Foundation has released in new fan and heatsink for the Raspberry Pi4 that should keep even the most demanding of users able to keep their Pis operating at a reasonable temperature. And at a price of just $5 in the US, it is incredibly affordable and reason enough for any Pu 4 owners to get it:

There is something uniquely satisfying about seeing a Raspberry PI successfully connected up and operating and I imagine you would get the same feeling snapping this little fan into place and ensuring your Pi is safe against every little thing you throw at it. And with Pis getting more and more powerful and becoming fully fledged PCs with all that they can do, having fans like this is becoming a necessity.  

These fans are not available officially in South Africa yet, but they should be pretty easy to get through many different sites, much like other Pi retailers and it’s likely we could see these fans available locally in the near future.

Last Updated: December 1, 2020

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