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Razer League of Legends Collector’s Edition launched

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Razer LoL Collectors Edition

Usually, just releasing an already existing mouse with a different logo on it just doesn’t interest me at all, I mean what does it matter what the little picture looks like right? Well, sometimes it matters a lot. It could be the difference between the mouse selling well or not. In the case of the new Razer League of Legends Collector’s Edition I’d say they did pretty good with the Razer Naga Hex, because what the hell was that ugly red whatever all over the Razer Naga Hex Red anyway?

Definitely not anything good looking, but the League of Legends Naga Hex on the other hand, now that’s much better. Let’s take a look at what’s inside this collector’s edition first.

  • League of Legends Naga Hex – mouse (R812)
  • Razer Goliathus – mouse pad/mat (R180)
  • Razer Sphex – mouse pad/mat (R135)
  • Unlock League of Legends Hero – Tryndamere, the Barbarian King (code to unlock this hero comes with the purchase of the mouse or Goliathus mouse pad)

This means if you buy the entire set, you’ll pay just about R1115 for the entire set, should you buy it locally, plus the extra bit retailers will add to the standard price which could be anything between R10 – R14 for the mouse pads and R50 for the mouse, give or take. So as an estimate: R1139, which isn’t bad at all for what you are getting. The Naga Hex will cost you the same as the current design locally.

Razer LoL Naga Hex

The Naga Hex gaming mouse is optimized for MOBA games, games like League of Legends and Dota 2, but can also be used for MMO’s, if you don’t heal with a druid in World of Warcraft that is. Typically, you could get by with 6 buttons, but if you’re anything like me, you’ll prefer the Razer Naga Molten for MMO’s. Back to the point, playing with a MOBA mouse like the Naga Hex will definitely improve your performance.

Tech Specs:

  • 6 MOBA/action-RPG optimized mechanical thumb buttons
  • 11 total programmable Hyperesponse buttons
  • Special switches in buttons for 250 clicks per minute
  • 10 million click life cycle
  • Razer Synapse 2.0
  • 5600dpi Razer Precision 3.5G Laser Sensor
  • 1000Hz Ultrapolling/1ms response time
  • Approximate Size : 116 mm / 4.57” (Length) x 70 mm / 2.76” (Width) x 46 mm / 1.81” (Height)
  • Approximate Weight: 134 g / 0.30 lbs

Razer LoL Goliathus

The Razer Goliathus is obviously the prize mouse pad of the collection, with a more in depth design; it’s also the mouse pad you get the code with to unlock Tryndamere, the Barbarian King, where as you won’t get this with the Sphex.

Tech Specs:

  • Slick Cloth Weave For Unbridled Speed And Effortless Control
  • Anti-Fraying Stitched Frame Extends Mat Durability
  • Pixel-Precise Targeting And Tracking
  • Rubber base for a secure grip on smooth surfaces
  • Approximate Size : 355 mm / 13.98” (Length) x 254 mm / 10” (Width) x 3 mm / 0.12” (Height)

Razer LoL Sphex

The Razer Sphex is made for high performance for optical and laser mice and said to “keep up” with other mousing surfaces regarding precision and tracking, the only thing this means to me is that it’s not really as good. It does have an awesome adhesive bottom though, which will spare you those annoying moments when your mouse pad slides around the desk like those guys in Blades of Glory on the ice.

Tech Specs:

  • Adhesive bottom to stick on any surface
  • Extra thin to avoid any restrictions to your gaming experience
  • Excellent tracking quality for both laser and optical mice
  • Approximate Size : 330 mm / 13.00” (Length) x 225 mm / 8.87” (Width) x 3 mm / 0.12” (Height)
  • Approximate Weight: 20 g / 0.04 lbs

Both the Goliathus and Sphex have smooth surfaces, they’re made for speed, which you’ll need in a game like League of Legends, you won’t get the same kind of control that textured mouse pads offer though. The smoother the surface, the less drag you will experience on your mouse and the faster your reaction time gets. It just comes down to personal taste there, as you adjust your perceptions and mouse sensitivity accordingly. 

Last Updated: March 6, 2013

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