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Realme has released a fitness band with a cricket mode

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We’ve seen wearable fitness devices expand from just tracking your footsteps and measuring your heart rate to measuring a host of other activities, including cycling, rowing and even golf. You can now add cricket to this as mobile company Realme has released a new fitness band and has developed a new mode for tracking the activities of people who play cricket.

The Verge has provided the details on Realme’s new band which features a 160×80 screen with a variety of the usual functions like heart rate monitoring, sleep tracking, reminders to get up and move etc. It’s IP68 waterproof and has nine sports modes, including one dedicated to tracking cricket which is certainly a first for the industry.

The report doesn’t reveal exactly how the device is going to track your cricket playing activity and if it switches between bowling, batting or trying to keep you awake and alert in the outfield so you don’t misfield the next ball that comes your way like the last few. Mind you, if I ever used this band, not sure it would track much other than the steps it takes me to get to the crease, face a ball or two and then walk off when I inevitably lose my wicket for close to nought. Hopefully, those with more skill will get better use out of it.

It’s great to see fitness bands exploring more activities and sports to track and if this is a success, I would have no doubt that you will see more manufactures support the likes of cricket in activities they track. Especially for the lucrative Asian markets who absolutely revere the sport. The best part about the bands though could actually be the price, as they will apparently set you back only $20 (R300), which is good value for money for a fitness band, even if you’re not a cricketer.

Last Updated: March 6, 2020

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