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Samsung also considering not including chargers with new devices.

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It seems like cellphone chargers may become a pure accessory item in the future. After Apple dropped the news a few weeks ago that they were intending to not provide a charger in some of their cheaper phones, comes news that Samsung also believes most people already have the necessary chargers and excluding them will help reduce costs. Though they forget to mention that it will also help them to sell said chargers at a premium too.

This news follows a report from Korean news site ETNews about Samsung’s planned idea. This shared thinking between two of the world biggest mobile phone manufacturers though is perhaps an indication that the days of purchasing a phone that comes with a power adapter in the box are perhaps numbered and we could be seeing these items sold separately in future. It’s not likely they will actually reduce the cost of the new devices significantly and will simply just mean more profit for them.

On the plus side, it does mean less waste as many people end up with far too many power adapters and inevitably throw some away. It also opens up the market for some other companies to create a variety of adapters that work across the different devices and we could easily see a growth in this market. Still, I guess as long as the choice is there, it could be considered a plus for consumers. Even if it means people need to be prepared to purchase new cables separately.

Last Updated: July 13, 2020

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