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Slack launches new redesigned iOS and Android apps

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Slack is one of the most popular workplace chat apps and with people relying on it more than ever for team communication, now is as good a time as ever to give their Android and iOS apps a redesign. The company has made some big changes, that have been in test for a while, official today launching to all Android and iOS users.

The design is mostly focused on improved navigation with a new bar at the bottom that lets you more easily get to critical parts of the app, such as your direct messages and your mentions, without having to use swipes or tapping through tiny hard-to-see menus. The redesign also unifies the experience across both Android and iOS, making the experience across both apps more consistent.

The simplified swipe gestures will open up your workspaces with a swipe right, while a swipe left brings you back to your last conversation. Slack has also added a compose button that floats in the button of the screen in most parts of the app, letting you easily start a new DM if you like.

As revealed in a blog post by the company, the app redesign forms part of a greater realignment with features from the desktop app to ensure that no matter what platform people are communicating with on Slack, that they get the same experience:

In parallel with our efforts on desktop, we have been rethinking our mobile apps to make them easier to navigate and optimized for using Slack on the go: quickly catching up, responding to DMs and mentions, sending messages, and getting work done with the shortcuts feature.

Last Updated: May 14, 2020

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