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Snapchat to launch a feature that intervenes when mental health is a concern

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Mental health is an important thing for all of us to look out for. You never know what a person may be thinking or going through and exactly when a person may be reaching breakpoint. And while we would like to be there for everyone, the truth is we can’t. And even more so in this digitally connected world where we hide behind our social media profiles rather than confront reality.

Snapchat has realised this and is launching a new tool called Here For You to help surface “safety resources” from mental health experts when users search for sensitive topics like anxiety, depression, suicide, and bullying.

Snapchat was built with privacy at its core — starting with ephemerality — and designed to let people be themselves, without the pressure of being judged by others.

So essentially, if a person is searching for things that could be deemed as problematic from a mental health perspective the company will surface material with the aid of helping the affected person combat the issue. It’s not clear if the company will or can do anything further than that if they believe is truly in trouble regarding their behaviour, but by trying to at least intervene they are helping – and hopefully this feature could make a difference in someone’s life.

The company is expecting to roll out the feature in the coming weeks, though have no given it a specific release date as yet.

Last Updated: February 13, 2020

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