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Sony to begin integrating Discord into PlayStation Consoles

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In the battle of the next-gen consoles, it’s not just about trying to produce as many gorgeous pixels on a screen as fast as possible or developing the best games (though that certainly helps). but also about how fellow gamers are going to be able to communicate with each other. And central to that initiative, is the gaming communication platform, Discord.

With the company seen as a major player in keeping both gamers talking with each other and game developers interacting regularly with their fans, it’s only natural that the console giants Microsoft and Sony will want to work with the company. For Microsoft, that meant initially putting in a massive $10 billion offer to buy the company outright and make it part of the Microsoft ecosystem entirely. But despite all those zeroes, the company board somehow restrained themselves and decided to remain neutral instead (P.S. Microsoft, I’m still available for acquisition for that kind of money).

And after that failed move from Microsoft comes news that PlayStation is going to be partnering with Discord to integrate its software directly into the PlayStation experience and allow all its users to communicate on the console and through their games directly. A move that makes a lot of sense for the company as it looks to build services that appeal to gamers and allowing them to communicate better is a big part of that.

Other details are slim for now, but Sony will be pumping some funds into Discord, becoming a minority investor in the process. As for Discord and other platforms, this doesn’t mean it will stop working with Microsoft at all, as the company wants to remain committed to being there for gamers regardless of platform and will be continuing to support Xbox across both console and PC.  

Last Updated: May 4, 2021

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  1. cloudzn

    May 4, 2021 at 09:25

    Well the removal of PSN Communities finally makes sense


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