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Sony’s new 84 inch monster TV

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One of the better things to come out of Sony push towards 3D is its idea of Simulview; allowing two different people to see different visuals on the same screen using parallax barriers. It allows for same screen multiplayer gaming (in supported games) without squished splitscreen – and could, in future, potentially allow you to play the latest in modern combat manshoot simulators  while your wife sits and watches 7de Laan – on the same screen. Unfortunately, it’s been confined to Sony’s 24 inch, PlayStation branded Simulview capable screen. People wanted a bigger version – and boy has Sony delivered…

The Nipponese company has announced plans to release a behemoth 84 inch monster TV with simulview, the the Bravia KD-84X9005. not only that, but it runs at a ridiculous resolution of 3840 x 2160 – 4K, adding credence to the rumours that the company’s next generation gaming console, the PlayStation 4, would support the standard. Your regular HD content wont look terrible on it either, as it apparently sports a fancy processor and software engine that’ll upscale your 1080p content to 4K.

it utilises “4K X-Reality PRO’, Sony’s super-resolution high picture quality engine optimized for 4K LCD TV. This engine is capable of reproducing a variety of content with different resolutions, such as HD digital broadcasts or Blu-ray discs content, into stunningly crisp, high-quality images with 4K resolution,” they say.

It also comes packed with a ludicrous  ten speakers, creating a virtual 5.1 surround sound field.

“Sony’s unique high-quality sound signal-processing technology achieves powerful three-dimensional sound that envelops the viewer in position-orienting tones, from deep bass to high notes,” says the press release.

It’ll be out by Christmas, but no pricing details have been given. Expect to pay at least a kidney, and perhaps one of your limbs.

Last Updated: August 30, 2012

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