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Stay in charge with Gioteck’s novel battery charging solutions

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Tired of constantly charging those rubbish rechargeable AA batteries, only to have them die, yet again, in the middle of a boss fight or deathmatch? Not anymore. Gioteck has some electric options available for you to charge your trigger quickly and cleanly.Using A/C power direct to your control, these two charging options charge as quickly as possible, much better than those 8 hour waits for your set of AA batteries. If your house is full of rechargeable batteries and glowing charging stations, leading to frequent reloads mid-gaming session, you need to take at look at these.

First, meet the ammo box.


Called the Gioteck DF-1 dual fuel ammo box, this strongbox will become the centrepiece for your shrine of gun-related gaming.

Gioteck continues its line of camouflaged, military-stylised fare. I doubt any military sim fan will mind this robust box looking after their guns… er controllers. The great part about putting your controls away to charge, and I know this is going to be fundamentally staggering to many, is that you end up with no dust on your controls! (I know, right?!)

The ammo box charges by making contact at bottom of battery… Not sure how well they react to cooldrink or food. But you are a soldier, you don’t eat near your weapon, now do you? These batteries are a tad heavier than AA equivalent, but nothing to complain about. Unless, of course, you swing your control around a lot. They lasted about as long as alkaline batteries. For those of you who have used high quality alkaline batteries for a DSLR or a controller, you will know how important this is.

The DF-1 contains:

  • 1 Power adaptor
  • 2 Contact charge batteries for Xbox 360 controllers
  • 1 Super-duper military strongbox.

For those lacking space, or that don’t want boxes saying DANGER in their houses, (hehe BOOM) check out the ammoclip!


If you are an avid fan of collector’s editions, you probably have several of those slick steelbook cases in your library, maybe you even have a little geek shrine display for all of them. Want another one? The AC-1 ammo clip hides your power-related needs in a tidy steelbook. This charger hides away as a Steelbook DVD case when not in use. Also, it has a hot redhead on the box. Which I guess breaks away from the milsim theme but really, who wants to see that CoD/BF3/Generic Shooter 7 guy on another box?

Open the steelbook and plug in two controllers. Charges through that funny little hole for plug and play or whatever that port is. Takes up very little space. Because it is a steelbook case; really don’t you read?

The AC-1 includes:

  • 1 Steelbook case
  • 2 Batteries
  • 1 Power adaptor

The best part of both of these products? Besides being available for both HD consoles; pretty darn good value for money. The DF-1 has an RRP of R599 (but can be found MUCH cheaper) while the AC-1 retails for a tiny R449 for AC charged, or R299 for USB charged (once again, available for cheaper just by looking around), not bad for fast charging batteries that look good while doing it. Have I mentioned the redhead on the AC-1 already?

Personally, I’m still not sure which one I want. They are both amazing products… Maybe I will get a box for one console and a clip for the other?

Seriously, once you start using one of these instead of those horrid rechargeable AA batteries, you will find it hard to go back. (Ed: He gives them both 10/10)

Last Updated: July 5, 2012

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