Take a gorgeously terrifying spacewalk with Adr1ft’s E3 trailer

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Quick recap if you have absolutely no idea what Adr1ft is. Remember Adam “Deal with it” Orth from Microsoft? Well after that fiasco he left – and shortly after began work on a game that acts as a metaphor for the experience of dealing with that type of anger. That’s turned into Adr1ft – an intriguing, utterly gorgeous first=person experience. And it’s out soon.

There really is a reason why I’ve been watching this game closely. Running on Unreal Engine 4, the emptiness of space is beautifully captured, with the horrific scenes of a mechanical disaster acting as a contrasting backdrop to it. It seems that survival is your main goal in Adr1ft – which could easily be mistaken for an adaptation of the movie Gravity.

First-person experience isn’t just a marketing term either, and I believe it after seeing the E3 trailer above. Adr1ft looks like a solitary experience about exploration and survival, and I highly doubt some foreign alien being is going to jump scare you and for some actual confrontation. Much like games like Journey, Adr1ft will probably bombard your senses and emotions with a flurry of psychological attacks – as you scavenge all you can to hopefully see some land again.

Adr1ft is making use of the Oculus Rift and supposedly Valve’s own VR Vive (they received a dev kit last week). It’ll be out sometime this September for PC, Xbox One and PS4 – and I do hope I manage to find it somewhere at E3 next week.

Last Updated: June 10, 2015

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