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Tesla shows off footage of its self-driving autopilot technology in action

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One of life’s disappointments for me is how despite all the rapid growth in technology, hoverboards and flying cars still aren’t real. If we can’t get those gadgets then we should have self-driving cars as a consolation prize at least. Development in this space is growing quickly and we are seeing many different examples of the technology being tried out around the world.

Electric car giant Tesla is also working on its own self-driving car technology and recently showcased a video that revealed a little bit more about what the potential for automated vehicles would look like, courtesy of a drone video. The reason why its technology is still in Beta is because this video is a little hair-raising and makes me want to grab the wheel and steer myself:

Thank goodness there was still a driver in the vehicle to take control during some of the Tesla autopilots moments when it got things very wrong. Additionally, some other footage was also placed on Twitter and YouTube that showcased how the self-driving technology still has some way to go before we can begin to take it for granted and sleep in the car on our way to our next destination:

Self-driving technology is certainly progressing, but it might still have some way to go before convincing most of us that it can keep us and our families safe. Especially if it’s developed by Tesla. Hopefully we see the company resolve many of these issues and then we could soon see this tech becoming more commonplace on the road. Probably not here though as no doubt South Africans will want to take the steering wheel so they can drive through that emergency lane, exceed the speed limit,and jump the red light, because we somehow like to make daily driving feel like part of a Fast ‘n Furious movie.

Rather just work on flying cars instead so that our collisions can be even more spectacular.

Last Updated: October 30, 2020

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