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The AA Rescue Me app now offers affordable Armed Response

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Sadly, we live in a country where one’s personal safety is not always guaranteed. As a result, we need to rely on high walls, alarms, and security companies for protection. The problem is that many of these security services are expensive and out of reach for most of the populace. They’re also focused mostly on your home or workplace, which doesn’t always help when you’re in the middle of nowhere.

To combat this issue, The AA (Automobile Associate and not Alcoholics Anonymous) has developed a new personal armed security service as part of its AA Rescue Me app, as first reported by Business Insider. This service sees the AA teaming up with over 160 different security firms to help respond to people when they hit a panic button on their apps, where it will dispatch the nearest security firm. Useful whenever you feel threatened, whether out walking, at a shopping mall or even at home and possibly a victim of domestic abuse

As the company has provided in the following statement:

If you are unsafe and you tap the AA Armed Response button, we will send armed response to your location. You can use AA Armed Response whether you are in your car, going for a walk, on a run, riding a bicycle, or even when you are in a shopping centre.

AA Armed Response is available for R25 per month for AA Members (or R300 per annum). For non-members, it costs R35 per month or R420 per annum. There are also special deals for dependents to make it more affordable for parents who will want to ensure the entire family is able to call on security when needed.

That is a very affordable service – though it will be interesting to see if it has any effect on the broader home security industry. While you may still want to link your home’s alarm to an armed response company for when you’re not at the house, this app could also be seen as an alternative for people who want to save some money along the way.

Last Updated: January 20, 2020

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