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The Fujifilm X-T4 has everything that a vlogger could want in a flagship camera

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Last year’s release of the Fujifilm X-T3 resulted in one of my favourite cameras of the year. As a flagship device, the X-T3 had to set a precedent for Fujifilm as a piece of kit that could bring A-game quality to the table and justify its hefty price tag. It did just that, with a reassuringly chunky body, photos sharp enough to put your eye out and video features fit for broadcast.

That was last year, and this year Fujifilm is looking to up its game with its latest flagship camera. Say hello, to the Fujifilm X-T4:

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So what makes this one different? On the outside, it may look just like last year’s mirrorless lens device, but internally it’s a completely different beast under the hood. In-body image stabilisation is once again a priority, building on the advances of the X-H1 but shrinking the hardware down even more and utilising magnets to create a beast that can handle 6.5 stops worth of stabilisation. There’ll also be digital stabilisation on offer, albeit with a 10% crop of your image.

The rear LCD touchscreen is also getting an upgrade, throwing in a substantial number of pixels to create a 1.62 million dots resolution. The biggest improvement by far is one that’ll please vloggers tremendously: The screen can flip to the side s that you can finally see yourself in front of the camera when you’re out and about.

Speaking of video, it’s all good news as well! Provided that your SD card is up to scratch, there’s the option to record 4K video at up to 400Mbps at 60 frames per second, 10-bit F-Log that can go straight to the card and more. On the slow-motion side of things, you’ve got the option of 1080p at 240fps on top of the 120fps mode from last year’s X-T3. Here’s a handy list of other stuff that caught my eye in the official announcement, for quick digestion:

X-T4 black tilt
  • A new algorithm and phase detection processing capability will now keep autofocus sharpness within a range of 0.02 seconds
  • Tracking AF has also been reworked, with Fujifilm claiming that the X-T4 has double the performance of the X-T3 in this arena
  • The X-T4’s new battery can last for 500 frames if used in normal mode and 600 frames in economy mode
  • The included lens in the all-rounder kit is a Fujinon 18-55mm f/2.8-4 zoom lens
  • A new ‘Movie optimized control’ function will allow users to switch the STILL / MOVIE mode dial on the top panel to swiftly shift into video recording with stored video settings
  • Film Simulation mode is back, enhanced by ETERNA Bleach Bypass which simulates ‘bleach bypass’, a traditional processing technique for silver halide films
  • Highlight and shadow tones from -2 to +4 can now be adjusted by 1/2 stops, instead of 1 stop

If you were ever serious about shooting video in this day and age and you’re willing to fork over some cash for an investment-grade camera, the X-T4 sounds a like a beast of a machine that is well worth looking at. You’ll need some hefty pockets though, as the camera will retail for R26 000 for the body alone and R31 000 for the full kit when it lands in April. If it lives up to the hype, it won’t just clear the bar set by the X-T3, it’ll raise it to a stratospheric new height.

Last Updated: February 26, 2020

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