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The Neverhood may be coming to mobile devices soon

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Remember The Neverhood? Back in the dying days of the point and click,adventure game genre, along came this quirky little game, boasting a beautiful graphics and some mind-bending puzzles. A cult hit that just never saw strong enough sales, The Neverhood eventually faded into gaming obscurity. But it seems that the quirky adventure game may be getting a timely resurrection thanks to some of its former development staff.

Developer Bazinga Studios are currently in licensing negotiations to bring The Neverhood onto mobile platforms such as iDevices, Windows phone 7 and Android, but have not released anymore details.

The Neverhood was originally released back in 1996, and featured claymation visuals that were coupled together with a catchy soundtrack from Terry Scott Taylor. Originally developed by former members of Shiny Entertainment, and headed by Earthworm Jim’s Doug Tenapel, the game had a sequel, Skull-Monkeys, which shifted to a more platforming-orientated design, but still never managed to enjoy high sales numbers despite positive reviews.

Source: Joystiq.com, VG24/7.com


Last Updated: July 5, 2011

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