The Oculus Rift will cost you a few organs

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Oculus money trip

The Oculus Rift is still unbearably far away from launch. Oculus has started shipping their second development kit to excited developers and impatient gamers globally, but the one that’s actually meant for people like us still has no release date. It does, however, have an estimated price point. Oh look, my wallet is already running away.

In a lengthy interview with Eurogamer, Oculus CEO Palmer Luckey explained some of the changes the retail version of the Rift would have over their most recent development kit, making it clear that the DK2 is not the best product they can make. Things like an increased resolution, higher framerate and new features are all planned for the consumer version of the headset, although there’s still no word on when that will actually launch.

Despite that, Oculus have a ball park figure of what the Rift might cost when it reaches shelves, saying it could be anywhere between $200-$400 at this point. To put that into perspective, the Rift could potentially cost the same as an Xbox One or PS4, which definitely makes it a luxury accessory to have. The final price all depends on pre-order numbers and the hardware Oculus chooses to go with, and I’m guessing the Note 4 will become the new display after Samsung’s reveal yesterday.

“That could slide in either direction depending on scale, preorders, the components we end up using, [or] business negotiations,” Luckey said. “Whatever it is, it’s going to be as cheap as possible.”

When asked about whether other VR products, such as Sony’s Project Morpheus, affect the Rift’s development, Luckey calmly stated that their vision has always been clear from the start, and nothing has shaken that. In fact, Luckey thinks Morpheus could end up as vaporware.

“There have been lots of things Sony’s shown–they even showed AR glasses a few years ago at CES that were never made into anything,” he said. “So even if they do decide to make it into a real product that ships, it’s on PlayStation 4; we are not on PlayStation 4 so it doesn’t really change our strategy or what we’re making.”

Oculus formally announced a partnership with Samsung yesterday, with both companies working on Gear VR for the Galaxy Note 4. That’s, coupled with the production of all the thousands of DK2 kits ordered, is probably slowing down work on the Rift significantly, and I really feel like Oculus’ best release window is slowly closing on them.

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Will they be beaten to the market by Sony? Will it matter? Unlike Luckey, I think it will.

Last Updated: September 4, 2014

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  • Alien Emperor Trevor

    That price tag will leave your body an organ-less rift.

    • Sith JJ

      Oh you

  • Matewis Jubilai

    I don’t care how much it costs! Today I learned the secret to financial freedom. I’m going to start suing random people, wait for a court date, withdraw all charges, and claim all legal costs from the defendant! I’m going to be rich I tells ya!

    • Hammersteyn

      The American Dream

    • Lord Chaos

      Or you could work from home and earn $400 per hour?

      • Hammersteyn


      • Matewis Jubilai

        Oh yeah, well I’m suing you for emotional distress for, uhm, false advertising! See you in court.

        • Lord Chaos

          I’ll counter sue for you suing me.

          • Matewis Jubilai

            Hah jokes on you! it doesn’t matter what you do, because I’m going to withdraw the charges before you get a chance to! In fact I just withdrew them – you owe me money. And just in case you get any funny ideas, I’m now suing you for malicious prosecution. If you’re not careful I’ll withdraw those charges as well!

          • Hammersteyn

            I’ll just buy the judge ๐Ÿ˜›

          • Sageville

            …and people wonder why we have “Burn a Lawyer Day”

          • Thats_how_I_Troll

            But you must use a cool name on the application… Something like the Retractor….

      • Oi! Do I need to delete this?! ๐Ÿ˜›

    • Brian Van der Merwe

      funny shit it made laugh so dam much but a plan is a plan

  • Hammersteyn

    How much will Sony’s VR gadget cost, just curious because um……. SCHOOLGIRLS!

    • Jim Lenoir (Banana Jim)

      Bless you!

  • Well Development Kit 2 isnt what they said it would be and for $350 and the product is still far away from being decent i pity the sucker who buys it ….Oh wait im that sucker

    • geelslang

      What did not meet your expectations?

      • 960×1080 per eye – i think not , capped at 30fps because it cannot handle more , settings in game set to low because high settings distort and pixel-late , im not the only one experiencing this issue

        • geelslang

          That does not sound very promising, maybe thats why they cant announce a release date for the consumer version, too many problems.

          • Johan du Preez


            There is the DK2 simulation see for yourself its still far from working as intended.

          • geelslang

            I almost got one of these things myself. I think Ill wait for the consumer version and only buy it once I have actually tried it. Nice link.

        • AfterXDeath

          Its your computer, I run at 75 frames no problem, no stutter, minimal motion blur. Stop running top of the line equipment on a toaster and you’ll be fine

          • A toaster damn i didnt think of that , how stupid ive been

  • oOqUiS

    I’m still waiting for my DK2…put me back R5300 with shipping but i’m hoping it’s gonna be worth every penny.

  • CypherGate

    All comes down to cost. The one who is priced the best wins basically.

  • It comes down to one thing and one thing alone. Whoever has the first simulated porn wins. Just get the Japs to mod that Schoolgirl game and you’re a winner!

  • z1n

    So what’s gonna make this thing sell the most? One guess… pr0n

  • Still cheaper than google glass.

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