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The Xbox One will still win over North America

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The Xbox One is out in the US this week, following last week’s PlayStation 4 release. The PlayStation 4 has now sold over a million units in the North American continent alone. With the still generally negative sentiment surrounding that console, I’m not sure it’ll match the early sales of Sony’s PS4. Doesn’t matter though. the Xbox One is still going to “win” North America.

How? They’re going to use it as a Trojan horse. In the near future, expect Microsoft to start selling subsidised Xbox One units through cable and satellite TV providers like Time Warner. It’ll make the console cheaper, and allow consumers to purchase the thing by paying a little, every month in a bundled subscription – very much like you do with a cell phone, and very much like Microsoft did with the $99 Xbox 360 .

Michael Pachter seems to think so, saying as much in the latest episode of  GT’s Bonus Round.

That’s absolutely gonna happen, and I think they always planned for that to happen at launch, and I just don’t think they got their act together to get distribution through cable companies because they need GameStop and Best Buy to sell you the box, and Walmart… and those guys don’t sell cable subscriptions.

So they’ve got to work that through. That’s a next year… that’s a Christmas 2014 thing.

When that happens, the Xbox One is going to start flying in to US homes. Of course, that’s predicated on people still using cable and satellite by then. with streaming media becoming more and more prevalent, Microsoft needs to act fast.

Of course, none of those fancy TV features will actually work here, so it matters little for us in South Africa. That said, I’ve heard whispers of some very interesting things in the pipeline for the Xbox One.

Last Updated: November 20, 2013

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