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This game is designed to teach you about bad UI

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Just because everyone can design a website, doesn’t mean everyone should design a website. Efficient UI design is as much an art as it is a science and even if a company has some unique idea or the great tech behind what they’re offering – if it’s built around some poorly designed UI, people are unlikely to use it. Or perhaps not, as places like Reddit somehow continue to thrive despite having arguably no UI design at all.

However, there is one design firm, Bagaar, that truly believes in solid UI design principles and prove their point ,they’ve created a little game, called User Inyerface (via The Verge) that highlights the really worst parts of UI design on the internet and after playing so you may want to punch someone in the face with just how infuriating some things can be to use. In fact, just looking at the screenshots fo the game made my face twitch.

Every aspect of this “game” is designed to induce rage: like mislabelled buttons, complicated password rules, nearly impossible to close pop-up windows, slowly scrolling terms and conditions, and annoying CAPTCHA forms. Even if you’re a veteran internet user, chances are something here will trip you up and bring back symptoms of PTSD. Adding to the pressure, User Inyerface also has an enormous timer clocking how long it takes you to figure their interface out.

Ultimately, this game is a mere marketing ploy for the design company hoping to draw in people toward using their services. I think there is potential there for this to become a course for all web designers out there though so that they can break away from bad habits, see how infuriating their own websites are to use and design things that people actually want to use and navigate around.  

Play it here. Just don’t blame us if you throw your PC out the window.

Last Updated: July 5, 2019

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