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UE’s new wireless earbud shapes itself to your ear

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With the rising popularity of earbuds, it seems like almost every week that there is some new company offering some form of similar device out there. While the idea is the same across the board, there is a massive difference at the moment between the quality of sound and length of battery life you get from these different offerings. Another big difference between many of these earbuds is how they fit inside your inner ear and finding a set of earbuds that won’t fall out the moment you get too active with them could be hard to come by.

Ultimate Ears want to offer people the experience where the earbud will be perfectly fitted to a person’s inner ear, improving both the sound quality and the ability to stay lodged in your greasy eardrums. They intend to do so through gel-filled tips that will harden when correctly inserted and please stop laughing this isn’t a double entendre.

This personalized fit provides wearable comfort free of pressure, pain or irritation, even after extended use.

Called the UE Fits (as reported in The Verge), the technology makes use of a corresponding app that runs on with Android or iOS and a “Lightform Technology” where you can ask the foam to adjust to its surroundings – which in Darryn’s case will go straight through his skull, through embedded LEDs. The whole process will reportedly take under a minute and shouldn’t affect its ability to come in and out of your ear with too much difficulty. Again, please stop laughing this is serious.

The UE Fits come in different colour options including grey, lilac purple, and navy, will be both sweat proof and water-resistant, supports SBC, AAC, and Apt-X Bluetooth codecs. The company is so confident of their ability to make the perfect fit that when they release in the US next month, they will come with a full 30 day “perfect fit” satisfaction guarantee.

What will really matter though is not just how comfortable these will be, but how it performs. The UE Fits do come with eight hours of battery life which can be extended to 20 with the charging case. We don’t have any local price or release dates yet and I will reserve judgement on these before actually seeing how they work in reality. Competition is I guess always welcome, even if the market for earbuds is incredibly crowded.

Last Updated: October 6, 2020

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