Watch Super Mario Bros World 1-1 recreated in Augmented Reality

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Give gamers creation tools and they will inevitably do two things: Make digital dicks, and recreate Super Mario Bros World 1-1. The iconic, classic stage has turned up in everything that has a set of creation tools – and for good reason. Its design is simple, but pretty much perfect.

Surprise! It’s been recreated once more – but this time it’s a little something different. Using one of the expensive and not publically available Hololens Devkits from Microsoft, Abhishek Singh has recreated the infamous level in a 3D, augmented reality space. Watch as he dons a Mario costume, and takes the kit out to Central Park to get his Mario on.

There are problems of course. Because the augmented reality doesn’t actually create space for Singh to jump on to, he has to walk around the pipes. Because he’s not gifted with supernatural jumping abilities, he’s unable to reach higher blocks, and the mechanism for throwing fireballs is just plain terrible – but it’s neat to see. What makes the video especially interesting is that Singh says there’s absolutely no post-production on the video, so you see what he sees.

Of course, this will never become an actual game you can play, with Nintendo the sort to fiercely protect their IP – but it’s a clear sign that we’re living in the future.

Last Updated: June 22, 2017

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