Battlefield 5 might go all the way back to World War I

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Battlefield 5 set in World War I

We know full well that EA is prepping a brand new, core battlefield entry for the end of this year after taking a little breather last year with Hardline. The other side of the competitive shooting fence has been a little stagnant, and it’s safe to assume EA is planning on taking a few more risks with their latest entry to try and revitalise the series a little. But taking it all the way back to World War I? Who would’ve guessed that.

That’s what a leak is suggesting, with a new retailer listing for Battlefield 5 clearly pointing out that it will be a World War I based shooter. The listing, which has now been removed, comes courtesy of World of Games, and was captured for prosperity thanks to some eagle-eyed Twitter users.

What makes this curious more than anything, if true, is the choice of World War I. There has been keen speculation on a possible return to wars of old by prominent shooter franchises, but many would assume that meant a return to World War II. It was, of course, the more riveting of the two in terms of open warfare, with World War I being more about trench warfare above anything else. That doesn’t make for a really interesting backdrop to a first-person shooter, if EA and DICE are trying to be more authentic over anything else. Is there a button to have you change your socks? 

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But considering Battlefields of the past, that probably won’t be the case. It will however be interesting to see how the period is tackled, especially with the scarcity of some of the technology that pushed so many boundaries in World War II. Certain features such as prominent vehicular warfare wern’t really standouts in the first World War, which rips a huge chunk of what Battlefield is all about right out from under it.

For all we know, this leak couldn’t be further from the truth either. So we’re probably going to have to wait until E3 in June to know for sure.

Last Updated: February 29, 2016

Alessandro Barbosa

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  • Right, so what are we going to do about DLC for Battlefield 5?

    I have a cunning plan sir…

    • Hammersteyn


    • miaau

      do not ask for milk in the coffee is a damn good first step.

      2nd step is do not ask for coffee.

      • konfab

        Step 3 is do not ask for creme brulee

    • Single player campaign could be you trying to find the painting with the madonna with the big boobies.

      Oops wrong war. 🙂

  • DICE games have really hit a low in the last few years. EA is literally just squeezing money out of the dev now and I have a feeling when (not if) battlefield fails DICE will go the way of so many other EA owned studios. (Westwood anyone?)

    Hey as long as Bioware gets to keep making Mass Effect and it keeps being an awesome game series then I will keep buying it.

    • miaau

      and in five years time, will you repost this, with a few judicious copy and paste’s?

      • Yes but only those who pay $5 will see the repost and for $5 more it will be in full 4K.

    • konfab


      I loved Battlefront and Hardline.

      • Battlefront lost its flair very fast and Hardline was not everyone’s cup of tea.

        • konfab

          I dunno, have you played the new Hoth map?

          It is crazy.

          • I have not felt the need to log in and play in about a month. I will check it out sometime in the future.

          • konfab

            You should, it has a slightly different feel from normal walker assault as each team starts the same distance from the homing beacons.

  • Commander Admiral Chief

    Season pass to be announced next week

  • miaau

    WW1, Crimea was not full of trenches, for example. But yes. Perhaps this is the first game with a cover mechanic that makes sense?

    Edit* Battlefield Napoleonic wars sounds a much better setting?

    • Hammersteyn

      WW1 was known mostly for it’s trench warfare, the first use of machine guns and eventually tanks. If they intend to focus on trenches then they’d better have maps supporting 100s of players

      • miaau

        I meant WW1 with other theatres of war

        • Hammersteyn

          oh, sorry

  • MakeItLegal

    i hope not

    • chimera_85

      Me too

  • Gareth Lagesse (eXCheez)

    I have images of dog-fighting as the Red Baron. I’m in.

  • Alien Emperor Trevor

    So we’ve got Battlefield, Battlefront and Hardline, and if trench warfare plays a big role will this be called Battleline?

  • Gareth Lagesse (eXCheez)

    Seriously though, is no one aware that WW1 had planes and tanks, and a whole lot of raw low-tech mayhem? I think that this could be insane!

    • HvR

      Heavily depends on the era and how much they stick with reality.

      You will be driven to insanity sitting in big metal box going at a blistering 8km/h across a big map.

  • Dane

    Battlefield 5 is probably already broken.

  • They should stick to modern

  • chimera_85


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