Bionic Commando Preview Q&A Now Live

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Hey everyone, as the Lazygamer mentioned earlier, we are trying to do something a little different here as we are trying to get more information to our readers and in a way that is a little more interactive.

As of now, I am going to be playing the Bionic Commando Preview code, until 3PM and we invite all of our readers to pop into this post and check out the frequent comments that are going to be posted. More importantly, if you pop in and want to ask any questions about the title, I will answer them for you immediately as I play, hopefully getting more of the answers and information that our readers want.

If support for the idea is good then we will look at doing more in future, and it should really shine when the big hitters start arriving near the end of the year!

Jump in now to find out more about the upcoming Bionic Commanda and ask a question or two.

Thanks again to Nu-Metro for supplying us with the preview code.

Last Updated: April 6, 2009

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  • fred

    Ps3 or Xbox code?

  • Okay Im all setup and in the menus, there is some strange tenticle thing that im using as my pointer, with some cool background piano music.

  • Menus kinda looks like im playing Flow :/

  • TT25

    ok YAY…. I dont know much about the first game, like years ago… but just watching the video.. is it just me.. or does this game have a slight resembalance to Spiderman?

  • Kinda looked a bit like crackdown to me in the video as well, just watched the intro now. my poor hero has been stripped of his machines because people were complaining or something lol.

  • But OH NOES they need your help again.

  • interesting, they have an interactive controller in the loading screen, when you press a button, it tells you waht it does in a little side menu.

    Just started the first level now.

  • Xbox 360 code

  • Im looking for my arm now :/

  • Controls feel similar to fracture, run around in 3rd person adn then click in right stick to aim more precisely

  • Loki

    What is the graphics and game play like?

  • They are playing on the “remake” element quite a bit, the collectibles look like old pixelated icons that I can only assume were in the first game.

  • Roland Browning

    How many bionic commando’s does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

  • Well lol, I was about to mention that it feels really odd running around at the moment as a one armed man… trying to find my bionic arm. So at the moment, a few would be needed.

  • @ Loki

    Graphics arent bad at the moment, ive been stuck indoors for now, but they use a heavy blur filter when you aim down your sights, which actually looks pretty good, reminds me of Riddick.

  • I havent played the original, can anyone fill me in on anything I should know about major gameplay elements that should have been brought across, or even story elements?

  • yay found my arm!

  • voice acting is quite cheezy

  • Jack

    So basically just now, your running around with one arm looking for a big metal arm?

  • Roland Browning

    Do you have legs? Or stumps?

  • Kinda feels like im playing Spiderman mixed with Crackdown

  • Roland Browning

    Give us a run down on the weapons.

  • at the moment im in some sort of bionic arm tutorial, i have only used a pistol so far but the aiming and firing feels quite solid. You can also use your bionic arm to shoot your zip line onto enemies and then do things like reel into them and kick em down. Feeling very Spiderman at the moment, but they may just be pulling off the spiderman feeling better than the spiderman guys have in the past

  • easy

    lol… he’s armless, which means no weapons :biggrin:

  • Roland Browning

    Can you spin a web, ANYSIZE? And catch those thieves just like flies?

  • ok done with tutorial, the swinging actually feels really good, you can really move at a pace once you get it dialed, The arms zip line can be used to throw things, hack machines etc.

  • im finally outside! areas seem massive.

  • Now that Im outside, its feeling like spiderman more than ever. Lots of latching onto poles and billboards etc and swinging around.

  • Metalkon

    How do I watch you play, I don’t know where to go 🙁

  • Roland Browning

    Can you unlock a Venom costume?

  • Q121


    To get any where in {game} life you always need to be a cracker…

  • we dont have a video feed at the moment, we are looking at doing something like that in future if people like the idea.

  • crackdown + spiderman is definitely where this is at. Framerate is decent in the outside areas, smooth but not quite 60fps…

  • Q121

    How the controls feeling? As far as running ect goes?


  • Metalkon

    ahh my bad, I am sure that everybody would love to watch the game being played on ustream or something.

  • Roland Browning

    Let us know if/ when you hit your first boss fight.

  • The outside areas arent as sandbox as I originally thought. @q121, controls are solid enough, getting the hang of swinging around at the moment, you need to release the zip line at the right time to get the best distance. It is the type of camera that doesnt always sit behined your character, you can have your character run towards your direction.

  • no boss fight in sight yet…

  • What I do like is that unlike in many spiderman games, the swinging isnt babysitting you so much, there are definite areas to swing from, but you kind of swing and decide as you go along

  • Fox1

    So how does the outside areas look? :wassat:

  • Okay we are past 3pm, but im going to keep at it a little longer to see whats what so feel free to keep posting questions.

    This game kinda disappeared off the radar a while back, anyone here really been looking forward to the game?

  • Metalkon

    nice 😛

  • Not sure if this game is running at 720p, the graphics do come a lot as fairly “jaggy”. visuals arent mindblowing to be honest. And like I said earlier, the outside areas are not as sandbox as I originally thought. This feel very much like what they were trying to do with Fracture, only that I think that Bionic Commando pulls the controls off quite a lot better.

    There is radiation around the city that you have to avoid and if you move into it you get very dead very fast

  • Metalkon

    I’v been waiting for it since I played the BCR Demo, I mentally Shit my pants when I saw it. 😛

    Bionic Commando (NES) is my favorite classic game and with BCR being a kickass game, I have high hopes for the new one since its being made by the same people.

  • Fox1

    Me :w00t:

    I haven’t played the first one though :sleeping:

  • just picked up my first weapon, called a Hiker, basically a shotgun.

  • Yuck. Nvidia billboards around the city, im not a fan of in game advertising

  • Fox1

    As long as the advertising subsidises a part of the price of the game 😆

    However, there’s nothing Nvidia in the 360 :dizzy:


    are you able to see a list of the achievements in the game ? do you earn achievs during the preview build play

  • Thanks to everyone who posted questions. If an idea like this gets well accepted we can look at streamlining and improving it in future, and maybe even get a video feed going. Any comments, suggestions?

  • I can see them in my dashboard menu when I hit the guide button yes

  • You can earn achievements yes, but we use a seperate account for previews. And code like this doesnt run on just any machine.

  • Metalkon

    Will there be an email notification for the date of streaming(if it gets done), if so how can I have it so i’l get the email for this? 🙂

    I’m not a registered member of this site.

  • thats lame… the game is contemplating for some extra cash

  • We dont have any sort of site registration, but you can always keep checking back in future. If we do something like this in future we can always look at doing email notifications out to readers who may be interested.

  • Metalkon

    Ahh, where would I have to look on the site to find out if you guys are planning to live stream it.

    I found this site through a link on the official website forum.

  • We will post it up in the features block on the top left of the site

  • Loki

    Already want to start achievement whoring? :silly:

  • RogueOne

    Surprise surprise ….RAINKING asking about achievements :biggrin:

  • slinky

    What does the health bar look like and how is life done? Also how is the game play toughness wise? I mean does it feel like bionic commando, either rearmed or earlier as far as the toughness?

  • There is no health bar, the screen just goes more and more red around the edges when you get damaged if i remember correctly, and regenerates in a halo/gears of war type of way


    Any Chance at listing the achievements for us ?

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