Prototype Set To Obliterate InFamous In Sales… By 90 Percent

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The much loved saga continues… and this time some clever people have something to say about it.

The videogames market has proven to be incredibly lucrative over the past years, and regardless of who we as gamers are and what we love, there is the entirely different business world out there that does all that it can to be as profitable as possible.

The Prototype Vs InFamous debate has raged on for what feels like forever already, and will probably still continue to do so for a little while longer. The reason (leaving all actual intelligence and understanding aside) for this is that while Prototype is multi-platform, InFamous is exclusive to the Playstation 3, which automatically means that it has an army of gamers that will defend it to the death (Or until the chips run out).

So what will all those guardians of the exclusive have to say when they hear that Prototype is set to outsell InFamous by a massive 90 percent?

This information isn’t a wild guess, or from some random forum comment, but comes from the clever people from Electronic Entertainment Design and Research (EEDAR).

If there research proves to be correct then it would be yet another shining example of why it’s just plain better for everybody when a game is released on multiple platforms instead of staying exclusive to only one.

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When asked by gaming site Destructoid, if money given to developers for the exclusivity could balance out the numbers, he had the following to say:

“SCEA published inFAMOUS, so I would venture to guess they paid nothing for exclusivity. Sucker Punch, the developers, have only done PlayStation 2 and 3 titles,”

“They are most known for the Sly Cooper series. I am sure Sucker Punch receives a lot of financial incentives to stay exclusive to Sony, which likely takes the form of higher royalty percentage points on gross sales.”

Sony is not in the financial position to pay for exclusive releases at the moment,”

“which limits exclusive releases to first-party published titles. They openly admit that they won’t pay for exclusive DLC.”

What does all of the above mean to us? Well, almost sweet bugger-all, except for one big thing. Yes, we want these developers to make good money so that they can all be so rich that they make the next one even a zillion times better, but a lot of other platform owners still aren’t going to be able to enjoy the InFamous experience.

I have said it before and I will keep saying it until I die (or also run out of chips), exclusives are bad for almost everybody from the gamers to the developers and publishers and should be taken away.

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If you really need to push your console, how about timed exclusives only? At least that way you can push your console’s sales for a while and then give the other gamers as well as the developers and publishers what they all want as well.

And please, if anyone gives me that “only possible on…” speech, I will email a stab wound to them because we all know it’s a load of rubbish.

Thanks Destructoid

Last Updated: July 14, 2009


Nick De Bruyne

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  • darthdad

    I don’t agree with getting rid of exclusives totally.
    It’s a selling point for your product, plus what the hell
    would we fight about then? 😉

  • Fox1

    If it were not for games like PGR3 then I would not have chosen to buy a XBox360 over a PS3. So we need exclusives. But we need console seller exclusives :mrgreen:

  • ray

    who cares? infamous is the better game anyway, and i’m glad not every second person is playing it. if i wanted to play mainstream stuff, i’d play gears of bore or prototripe

  • RSA-Ace

    Didnt they also mention that infamous was going to outsell prototype 30-50% on the PS3. Well since infamous was only on ps3 i think that means quite a bit.

  • easy

    we don’t need exclusives, the console manufacturers need exclusives to push their hardware.

    only possible on a !

  • Darkling

    Shhhh! You sound like a fanboy..

  • 😆

  • ocelot

    Wow, what insight. Who would have predicted that a game released on 3 platforms would outsell a game only released on 1.

  • Wii Play and Wii Fit – available on only one platform – have sold more than just about any game you care to mention.

    Metal Gear Solid 4 sold just under 5 million copies – on just one platform – A few million more than the multi-platform Battlefield Bad Company, released in the same month.

    Need for speed Undercover – released in November 2008 – sold just over 5 million copies and was released on 8 platforms. Gears of War 2 sold over 5 million copies. On how many platforms? Yup. just the one.

  • ocelot

    Those are exceptions to the norm. Games that are on a single platform tend to sell less then games that are on multiple. You do not need Nostradamus to tell that to you. Slow news day?

  • Well you can’t exactly say that InFamous wasn’t a big exclusive release for Sony. It was definitely hyped up that way. Sure it’s not a part of a long running and popular series, but still a big release either way.

  • easy

    his name is nostredame, he was french.
    nostradamus is a bastardisation.

    geoff does have a point though

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