Question of the Week: Rage Blackout

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Yay! It’s Monday again which means it’s time for our Question of the Week!

I want to thank everyone who contributed to last week’s question, without your guys contribution this section wouldn’t be possible. Some of the comments were hilarious and others were just plain creepy and I’m sure that all of us can relate to quite a few of those moments that had us hiding under our beds for weeks.

I have picked my two favorite answers and the winners are announced after the jump. I think I am going to need to use a randomiser to pick winners from now on because I had such an incredibly tough time choosing my favorites with so many great stories.

Okay now for this week’s question: What game brings out the monster in you?

I am a relaxed gamer. I’m not competitive, I just enjoy playing for the sake of playing. I’m sure that there are many of you who, just like me, don’t care much about winning, high scores, owning noobs etc. Or maybe you are the type who only plays to win and needs to prove something to the gaming world, who knows?

But no matter who you are, there is always that one game. You know the one, it’s that one that has your controller/keyboard cringing in fear every time you boot it up. The one that makes you have to cover holes in the doors and walls with posters from your latest collectors edition, just so that visitors don’t think you are a homicidal maniac with anger management problems.

Tell us your story of anger and flying peripherals and hey, we promise not to call the cops. We have all been there.

The winners of last week’s Question of the Week, in no particular order, are:

1. BHW:

Winning this prize means that your dad’s evil deed can finally be forgiven. So be nice to him from now on and buy him something nice for Christmas.

2. Nazcanlines

Anyone who gets so frightened of a game that he returns it to the store before even opening it deserves a prize. Your cowardly actions have served you well. Not to mention that your post was long enough to get published as a novel.

Will the winners please email me their details at [email protected]. You have the choice between Bioshock for PC and Devil May Cry 4 for Xbox 360. We only have one copy of each and they are on a first come, first serve basis so please email me your choice as soon as possible to ensure that you get the one you want.


Well done to the winners. Unfortunately there are no prizes this week Big thanks to SK Gaming for supplying a copy of DMC4 (360) as the prize this week, but if our readers keep the Question of the Week section going then I will do all that I can to try and organise more prizes in future. (and if we get lucky, or a sponsor we may even be able to have prizes on a weekly basis so please keep those answers coming)

As always, any suggestions for future questions of the week can be mailed to [email protected].

Have a happy Monday folks.

Last Updated: September 15, 2008

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  • Scratchy

    There are so many games that get my blood pumping like a ravers heart at a rave.

    None have been as frustrating as Dead Rising however.

    The bosses were insane and your last save point was 2 hours worth of play ago.

    I remember trying to beat the woman in the motorcycle and ended up throwing my wireless controller across the room, breaking the SO’s favourite vase and my brand new wireless controller into pieces.

    Needless to say, I spent the night on the couch.

    Took the game to Cash Crusaders the next day and sold it for R90 to help recover some vase costs.

    I’m not even going to mention playing Guitar Hero 2 on expert at a party and dropping the controller on the floor and storming out of the house out of frustration.

  • Banana hammock

    I have never thrown a controller, but WarHawk get’s me going. It’s all online so there’s no choice but it being ultra competetive. And it’s all team based so when your team is not pulling their weight and it becomes a 16v1 slaughter then i get a bit aggro.

  • abe

    Take one part super competitive nature,
    add one part super short temper fuse,
    add one part COD4
    and sprinkle with liberal amounts of lag.

    Serve the control through your fourth floor window
    onto a new beemer parked below!

  • SlippyMadFrog

    COD4 no doubt. When my kill/death ratio goes below 1:1 I start swearing 😳
    Good thing the the mic has a temporary mute switch.

  • NBT

    Football games are notorious in our family for bringing out the worst sides of people. When you couple fraternal rivalry (3 brothers) with fierce competitive instincts you can sometimes get some sublime football, you can sometimes get some very ugly football, and you sometimes get some ugly fighting, quarreling and abusive language.

    Basically it is all fine until one of the following happens:

    a) someone is losing and their controller starts to feel unresponsive ” I pushed pass five times and he still wouldn’t pass it”
    b) someone is losing and feels their opponent is using “cheating” tactics “You always hack down my man when he’s through on goal”
    c) someone is losing and feels that the AI has taken a severe dislike to them “You just did a tackle exactly like that and nothing happened – I do it and it’s a red card. The computer loves you”
    d) someone is losing and he feels that the opponent is not playing nice football *note this one applies mainly to Arsenal fans* “You always just run down the bye-line and cross it. That’s not proper football”
    e) someone is losing and feels the opponent’s tactical setup is overly negative “You make it so boring when you play a 3-6-1 formation”
    f) someone is losing by more than four goals
    g) someone is losing and playing with the team that they support
    h) someone makes distracting noises at crucial points (eg taking a penalty)

    When one of those happens there is potential for:

    a) Temper Tantrum: The frustration is too much to bear and the controller is thrown to the tiles causing damage if frustrated enough, followed by storming out of the room and sullen mood for at least a few hours
    b) Personal Abuse: The frustration and annoyance with another individual manifests itself with very much less than tactful personal attacks
    c) Fighting: not proper fighting but handbags style
    d) Cheating: people have been known to pull other players controllers out or press buttons on the opponent’s controller.

    Basically we try not to do this too much anymore (growing up etc etc) but beating your brothers comprehensively is totally worth it, especially if you play with Bolton and pump long balls and crosses into the box using a completely negative formation against Arsenal, where his players get sent off every time he slide tackles and there is total winningness.

  • Bboy

    It’s PC i know, but DOTA brings out the beast.

  • I suppose I’m not allowed to Enter, since the prizes are at my place, but one game that I literally broke 2 controllers on and snapped the disc in two, my wife will testify to this, was Smash Court Tennis Pro Tournament 2. I have never played a more frustrating game in my life.

    Philip Dunkleys last blog post..UK Price Cut on the way?

  • Since Phil is entering I am going to try as well.

    Quake 1 is my game. I don’t care about winning in any other game apart from Quake 1. I used to play semi-professionally and have lost more mouses than I can count by smashing them on a wall during the game.

    The game just drives me absolutely ballistic

  • Vamp

    I’m not even gonna bother telling which games get my blood boiling as i have an insanely short temper when it comes to playing games, so just about anyone you can think of can at any given time send me (and my keyboard and mouse) over the edge. I absolutely HATE any fighting game tho as I truely suck at it. But I had an insanely fun time driving everybody
    nuts at a local pub once playing Tekken4 (i think. Details
    are a bit fuzzy) at about 01:00 in the morning after copious
    amounts of Vodka. Having never played the game before and
    being semi-unconscious at the time with nothing more than
    pure button bashing, being pretty much unbeatable the entire
    evening sent the “professionals” screaming out of there 😆

  • I actually nearly had two dodgy gun carrying asian dudes pull their gats on me in an arcade once. We played tekken every weekend their and the usual ppl were just kinda there everytime. These guys used to always own me and giggle about it but one friday I just rocked for no reason at all and they started getting super pissed with me. When their expressions started looking slighly homicidal I decided that my mom was calling me and I had to go…

  • Dev

    My 2 games are Ninja Gaiden II, that 2nd level boss that is just insanely difficult to beat (i am a noob) as well as Dragon Force on GH3, i have not yet broken my hand enough times to have it numb enough to make it through that song. Luckily my desk with xbox on it is right next to my bed, so i can get as pissed as i want and just abuse my guitar and controller on the bed, i’ve even mastered the “throw controller down and catch it on the bounce technique” cant wait to misjudge and send my controller through the window

  • Tracy

    Oh wow, Ok I dont generally get cross in games as I play for fun… but there is always one!!
    My choice would be Tekken 3 on the PS1
    Back in the day, we would play this game over and over, and the beginning we were all on the same level and Button Bashing FTW… But then…… I never took the time to learn the moves and used to get my ass handed to me! Which in turn made me lose it. I would physically hit my real life opponent any where I could in pure frustration!!

    But I have since gone to get some help and I am fine!!! Really I am Fine 😉

  • So Gears doesn’t wind you up?

  • bokka1

    I am actually very laid back and don’t really get upset at games but I have been stuck on the No Fighting in the war room level in COD4 on Veteran since February. I actually try it once a week and every time I get so furious that I want to shout at the top of my lungs.

  • You make a good point. She is scary sometimes when we play 😛

  • Tracy

    ok Fine… the only reason I get all worked up is cause I have to deal with n00bs like you!! you have so much to learn still.

    I dont get cross with the game.. I get cross with Me!!

  • Vamp

    Jip, it’s a dangerous hobby we have 😉

  • SlippyMadFrog

    Wait until you get to the last stage after the credits on veteran. I got SERIOUSLY frustrated. I had to watch a couple of YouTube videos how other people done it. I made it a month later 🙂

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