Resident Evil 5 Clocks in under 8 hours

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According to a UK Xbox 360 magazine they have clocked Resident Evil 5 in 7 hours 36 minutes and 1 second… not like they are being precise or anything.

This was achieved on normal difficulty and apparently they were not on a speed run to complete the game.

Personally I see anything around the 9 hour mark for a FPS as a solid game, 7 1/2 hours seems a little short but when you add in the 80 minutes of cut scenes it hits that mark.

What do you think, is this long enough to justify the cost of the game or does a short game instantly become a post release rental or trade for you?

Source: CVG

Last Updated: February 24, 2009

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Gavin Mannion

I for one welcome our future robotic overlords

  • I must be honest and say that if this is true I will be quite disappointed. If the 8 hours are a good 8 hours then you cant really complain too much, but after all of this waiting it will be a bit of a bummer if the whole experience is over so soon.

  • Well following from previous RE games, the amount of unlockables are usually worth a few replies. So it’ll probably be something round 8 hours x 4

  • Whoops… meant “replays”

  • janrik

    Way to short for the asking price.
    Will the game have MP? (not just coop?)

    Dead Space had the perfect pacing and play time, around 12 hours. Under 8 hours is really shocking.

  • fred

    8 hours is fine , i don’t have lots of time for gaming.
    If the game was R399 it would be fair.

  • WitWolfyZA

    well they did go back a second time to see how many collectables they could collect anyways. so it looks like it has replay proof… if you have that patience it is

  • WitWolfyZA

    i would still like to finnish dead space. im just to scared dude! Even my GF is laughing at me!!! :ninja:

  • janrik

    R399 for 8 hours would be ok.
    R750 for 8 hours is robbery!

  • Darkling

    This really sucks. I want this real bad,but 7 hours just dont do it for me..Maybe if i can trade something for it later on the local xbox community.

  • J0hk3r

    That is almost R100 an hour….

    makes you think, doesn’t it. :alien:

  • All previous Resident Evil games were around that time, I don’t see the fuss.

    Certain things could be unlocked by finished the games in under 3 hours.

  • ocelot

    No doubt the length of the game was compromised because of the co op. I really hate it when they force MP or Co Op in games that don’t really need it.

  • NATO

    I finished Killzone 2 on normal difficulty in less than 7 hours…

  • JP

    No. Closer to 15hours for previous games.

  • DarthPenguin

    Well.. from what I’ve heard… the co-op is saving the franchise… giving it a new feel that people are loving.

  • Darkling

    check out this link to a review,it says 15-20hours.

  • Shodan

    RE 0 = 6 Hours
    RE 1 Remake = 4 Hours
    RE 2 = 3 Hours
    RE 3 = 4 Hours
    RE CVX = 6 Hours

    So out of these how is most of them closer to 15 hours???

  • ocelot

    To be fair, Resident Evil doesn’t need any saving. If it was 15 hours long and they added some new mechanics other than co op, most people would have loved it.

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