XIII not turning Japanese for the Xbox360

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So if you’re a PS3 fanboy…yeah, this is the time to do your victory dance. Go on. Be it the funky chicken or the sprinkler, whichever absurdly inappropriate knee-buckling shuffle you prefer…do it now! For now you finally have something to gloat about.

Okay…kinda. It’s not that big. It’s not even close to something like aliens descending upon earth or the announcement of a size even bigger than Supersize. I mean, that’s just ridiculous. How could you finish a bigger drink, let alone the fries? Sorry, back to the point.

So, the next iteration of Final Fantasy is still coming to Xbox360, however, it will only feature the dubbed English voice track. Why you ask? PS3 fanboys…ready for that dance?

In a recent Q&A with IGN, FFXIII producer Yoshinori Kitase explained that without the kind of memory available on Blu-ray, there’s simply not enough room on the 360 to implement two vocal tracks.

He added,

“Are there many people who would like to play with Japanese voices?”

 See, this is that point in time where you either put two thumbs on your chest and yell out abruptly: “This guy right here!” or you just kinda smirk and say: “Japanese voice tracks? I’m English. Who cares?”

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Whichever one you might decide, that’s another win for Blu-Ray in my book. And just if you were interested…yes, I’m dancing. Do the funky chicken. Go. Go. Go.

Last Updated: May 14, 2009

  • I wonder how many discs the 360 ver will ship with? After the 3rd disc,licensing from msft gets insame, I think it’ll be on 4.

  • Darkling

    The only game i like to play with japanese voices is street fighter 4!
    Fits it perfectly! :ninja:

  • Iv got a mate that always goes mad for jap voices in games. Never really understood why though?

  • A lot of people prefer the Japanese voice acting in anime and games… says it sounds better etc. etc.

    I just think because they don’t understand the language, it sounds better.

    On an interesting note, I read somewhere that Japanese people think the English voice acting is better… which kinda supports my theory.

  • Felicity

    Agreed, especially Sakura, her Engrish voice is so lame.

  • Mac

    This is not really you the topic but can lazy do a xbox exclusive list vs. PS3 exclusive list from the release of the consoles to whats coming. The list should capture the total number of exclusive & Metacritic score. I was just thinking that Ps3 must be catching up/ahead by now with Uncharted MG4, Killzone,inFamous, LBP etc

  • Darkling

    Excellent method for a flame war.. :devil:

  • It’s a nice idea and I will see what I can do..

    However people will argue that the 360 list isn’t really a console exclusive list and you would usually list the PC/360 versions as a 360 exclusive… But yeah I expect the PS3 to be catching… if not already in the lead.

  • PaasHaas

    Japanese Voices all the way and basically any long time anime fan would agree.

    Stuff like this and foreign films/anime should be watched the way it was originally intended and with the people the director casted in their specific roles.
    The english voice overs for japanese products are often truly horrible.

    Sometimes they do a half-decent job and it turns out ok but 9/10 times they just screw it up. Especially with female voices imo.

  • So how will games like Bioshock be listed seeing
    that they started off as an exclusive,but went
    multiplat now?

  • It’s so crazy to see guys I’ve played with online in the PSN on here reading my articles. much respect guys. anyway, to the point, I totally agree with PaasHaas. If you take things like Beserk and Naruto. I just couldn’t imagine watching them with English voice over…hearing BANKAI shouted over my 6.2 speakers in some old Brittish dudes voice just wouldn’t be the same. Thankfully, I have a PS3. So it’s Japanese all the way for me! Who’s with me?

  • i’ve been waiting a long time to say this…

    I don’t care, i have both consoles :cheerful:

  • xyber

    … does the chickler dance while having my Duper-sip :pinch:

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