Midweek Mouth-off: Your favourite Pixar movie

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With Brave screening in South African cinemas at the moment, today we want to know what your all-time favourite Pixar film is? If that’s too hard, how about your top 3? Or your least liked? And in case you need a little refresher in what movies the beloved animation studio has made, this should help.

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Last Updated: August 15, 2012

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Noelle Adams

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  • Has to be The Incredibles. It’s one of my all time favourite movies, I’ve watched it so many times. Up was awesome as well, if only for the saddest and most beautiful first ten minutes of any movie, ever.

    Least favourite, Cars. I couldn’t get over the bizarre implications of a universe made of only sentient vehicles.

    • Erwin Kempff

      I’m with you on the Incredibles, brilliant movie. Especially since I have my own family. Couple of really moving scenes for me. (Plus my daughter loves it)

    • Really? I thought Cars was excellent and well throught-out. But indeed it has to be The Incredibles. That movie is completely in its own league.

      • Like I said, I couldn’t just enjoy it for what it was, the implications of the world left me weirded out. Like, how do they breed? And if you’re “born” a sports car, you get to be this awesome athlete but if you’re born a pit-crew car or an 18 wheeler truck you’re destined to be second fiddle. And if they don’t breed, do they just manufacture sentient machines and program a personality? What else is sentient in that universe? Very bizarre world…

        • Do you watch every animated movie and wonder how they breed?

          • I will grant that occasionally my mind wanders into very strange territory. My point is, every other Pixar movie has some fantasy, but a basis in reality with a “recognisable world”, as such. Cars wasn’t like that for me. Where were the people? Was their a nuclear apocalypse we didn’t see that wiped everything else off the planet?

          • Okay, I’m gonna be facetious for a moment…

            The fat people in Wall-E – how exactly did they manage to walk after landing and how did the landing rig survive all that time?

            The toys in Toy Story – how is it that the kid never notices his toys are never where he left them?

            The door system in Monsters Inc. – What did they do about kids who didn’t have closet doors? Also, why the hell does child emotions power their grid?

            The fat kid in Up – Didn’t he have parents? Wasn’t he technically missing? Why wasn’t US news all over that?

            Finding Nemo – Why didn’t Nemo just straight-up die when he got into the fish tank? Those saltwater jobs are tricky… And how did two tropical reef-bound fish manage to survive travelling through the open ocean?

            Ratatouille – How exactly can you control a person’s arms through their hair? Also, how did the rat see what he was doing when he was under a hat?

            I think you should give Cars another try 🙂

          • Like I said, elements of far-fetched fantasy in an otherwise recognisable world.

            But, I never learn, as soon as you start arguing with someone on the internet, you’ve already lost :P.

          • Really? Cos I think I just won 🙂

      • Cars freaked me out. I always thought it was the most generic story of all the Pixar films, and it just made 0 sense to me…

        Where are all the passangers? Why do they have doors? Why?! *shakes fist at heavens*

        • So there is a world where people wonder about the technical details of an animated movie, yet I am the only one on this planet who thought Captain America was a piece of shit?

          I’m buying a ticket for one of those space arks…

  • My top 3 are: UP, Finding Nemo and


    • Damn, okay, those too. I’m still for Incredibles, but your selection are arguably just as good.

      • Cool, but for some reason I don’t like Incredibles… I’ll have to watch the DVD again, but for now I have it placed in the ‘Cars’ pile… : (

  • Incredibles. Without a doubt. That movie is just about perfect, if you ask me. Followed closely behind by Wall-E and Up.
    I actually fell asleep in Cars. Twice. I never fall asleep in movies.

  • GooseZA

    It’s virtually impossible for me to rank them, so I’ve got 2 ties between 6 movies!

    1. Wall-E, Up – Both tied for first
    2.Toy Story 1-3, Nemo – Tied second.
    3. Monsters Inc

  • Darryn_Bonthuys

    Yep, definitely The Incredibles. A solid, entertaining superhero romp, and a film that didn’t have that annoying “be true to yourself” message screaming at you, which is prevalent in so many other films.

  • Noelle Adams

    My top 3: The Incredibles, Up (a truly deserving Best Picture nominee!) and Wall-E. Monsters Inc and Finding Nemo also rank highly.

    I actually enjoyed Cars but its sequel looked awful (haven’t watched it), so I suppose my least liked Pixar flick is A Bug’s Life.

    • The Cars sequel wasn’t bad, just kinda obvious – as if Dreamworks or Sony |animation made it. Not Pixar-quality in the writing department.

  • Wall-E, nothing else comes even close. And then maybe Finding Nemo.

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