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"Git on my team!" Clint Eastwood returns in this trailer for TROUBLE WITH THE CURVE

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After Gran Torino back in 2008 , it seemed that Clint Eastwood was ready to hang up his six-shooters and call it a day in the world of acting, and focus more on calling the shots for a film, a career that has showcased his incredible talent behind a camera. Eastwood pulled out all the stops in what should have been his swansong in acting, but it looks retirement ain’t sitting well, as he’s back to do some talent scouting, in Trouble with the curve.

Clint Eastwood looks to be planning a return to acting with “Trouble with the Curve,” his first acting project since 2008’s “Gran Torino.” The film, to be directed by Robert Lorenz, would feature Eastwood as a baseball scout who is losing his vision with his age. He and his daughter take a final road trip to Atlanta to check out a prospective talent.


Sounds like a decent, and safe film for Eastwood to return to, as he perfects a softer side to his curmudgeonly grumpy old man role, with acting assists from Amy Adams as his daughter and Justin Timberlake as the romantic interest for her.

John Goodman pops in as a buddy, while Matthew Lillard pulls a slight villain role as the talent scout who relies on soulless machines to help gauge the worth of a player.

A little bit of drama, with a touch of funny wherein Eastwood finally passes the torch onto a younger generation, and I can live with that. Trouble with the curve is out later this year.



Last Updated: August 8, 2012

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