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Marvel explains how the new Infinity Stones Circuit works ahead of Infinity Countdown

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There’s no shortage of ultra-powerful weapons within the Marvel Universe, from the Ultimate Nullifier to Fing Fang Foom’s purple undies after a particularly sweaty day of mass destruction, but they all pale in comparison to the main event of MacGuffins: The Infinity Stones. Six gems of incredible power, which when combined have the power to reshape the foundation of reality itself.

With Avengers 3: Avenger Boogaloo out in May and promising to craft a tale that focuses on a decade’s worth of story centred on the universe-shattering Infinity Stones, the cosmic treasures are once again in the spotlight within the pages of Marvel’s various comics. There’s a twist to the stones this time however, as the publisher broke down what it calls the Infinity Circuit and how this new setup has the potential to make them even more powerful.

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Here’s how the Infinity Circuit works: Whereas each stone still contains unimaginable power on their own, any wielder who is able to master aspects of another Infinity Stone can tap into the power of the other Stones and thus create the Infinity Circuit. Or to put it another way: Each Infinity Stone is powered by one of its eternal siblings. The Time Stone draws on the power of the Space Stone, the Space Stone pulls in energy from the Power Stone and so it goes until the Infinity Circuit is complete.

Does that clear things up? Otherwise, here’s a chart from Marvel that breaks it down even further. Click to Embiggen:

As a quick reminder, here’s what each stone does and who currently holds them.

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  • Space Stone – Allows for travel across all of space, held by Wolverine.
  • Time Stone – Allows travel through time.
  • Soul Stone – Preserves the soul of a wielder, allowing for life after death.
  • Power Stone – Increases the physical might of a wielder, currently guarded by Drax the Destroyer.
  • Reality Stone – Allows travel throughout the multiverse, held by Thanos and Nebula.
  • Mind Stone – Grants the wielder telepathy and/or intelligence.

The latest return of the Infinity Stones will begin in Infinity Countdown Prime as a new cosmic arms struggle kicks off on February 21.

Last Updated: February 13, 2018

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