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Suffering Sappho! A new Wonder Woman figure joins the Play Arts Kai range

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Look, if you have $4 400 just lying around, chances are that if you’re in the market for a Wonder Woman figure, you’re probably going to go for the 6-foot, life-size statue. If you can still scrounge together $240, there are the two glorious Dianas from Hot Toys that Darryn has been drooling over (and maybe other things) for months. Check out Hot Toys’ Batman v Superman Wonder Woman and her Themysciran Training Armour version.

Anyway, with the world going gaga for Wonder Woman right now, Square Enix’s Play Arts Kai range is also getting in on the action. And their figures tend to be more affordable for the casual collector. Barely six months after Play Arts released its 10-inch (25 cm) Batman v Superman Wonder Woman, now there’s a figure based on the superheroine as she appears in her solo movie. Like her range predecessor, this new articulated, 10-inch figure will retail for around $149.99 when she becomes available in November this year.

Given that the Wonder Woman of Batman v Superman wears the same costume as she does in her current smash hit solo film, why should you wait for this 2017 collectible? It’s debatable that it’s actually an improvement, but Play Arts is punting a “graceful” remodelled face with a closer resemblance to Wonder Woman star Gal Gadot. Diana’s hair has also been completely resculpted.

Meanwhile, completionist collectors will no doubt want a version of the superheroine that features her solo movie weaponry – the God Killer sword and sun-emblem shield – which is different to that featured in Batman v Superman, and included with its figure tie-in. For the record, the golden Lasso of Hestia is standard to both figures.

Finally, if you compare the current and upcoming figures, it looks like the Wonder Woman movie figure features a slightly brighter, more vibrantly painted costume than the gloomier Batman v Superman version. Just like the movies then.

Athena’s blessing to fans hoping to find a mini Gal Gadot under the Christmas tree this festive season. I’ll be one of them.

Last Updated: June 12, 2017

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