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Horizon Line trailer shows off the most claustrophobic plane ride of the year

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We’ve seen many survival films that have taken place across almost every disaster imaginable, from earthquakes to freak weather storms or even misfits being trapped on a deadly island. Now we have a film which will see a couple needing to survive a flight on a small Cessna aircraft, Called Horizon Line.

Horizon Line sees Sara, (Allison Williams) and her ex-boyfriend Jackson (Alexander Dreymon) taken up into the sky for a brief ride in a Cessna aeroplane. But when their pilot has a heart attack, Sara has to take over piloting to get them to safety, where in true movie fashion, things get increasingly more difficult with more obstacles along the way. It’s a pretty generic idea for a survival film, but one that is boosted by how real and intense it all feels based on this new trailer:

Film’s like this often run the risk of becoming completely unrealistic, which takes you out of the tense survival atmosphere that the movies are supposed to generate. Thanks to this one being more grounded (lol) and set in a very tight space, it appears as if it will retain the intensity that genre fans enjoy.

The film is written by Josh Campbell & Matthew Stuecken, who wrote the masterful 10 Cloverfield Lane. If they can bring the same sublime psychological fear from that movie into this one, we should have a winner on our hands. This is perhaps a far simpler film than that, but if it nails the landing (pun intended) it should be a delight to watch. While also ensuring those of us who have a fear of flying never go anywhere near a small plane. Ever.   

Last Updated: October 16, 2020

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