Andy Serkis says NO to motion capture Oscar category

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An actor who has really carved out a niche for himself is Andy Serkis. Not to say that there are no other actors who strap ping-pong balls to their body so that motion capture cameras can track their movements. I do mention him though because he shot to fame with his portrayal of the corrupted hobbit Golem. Damn, what a performance! He throws himself into the role, much like many a great actor, and quite frankly I think he needs more recognition. Perhaps an Oscar for Motion Capture? NO! At least so says the man himself.

Comingsoon recently spoke to the actor on the set of the upcoming War for the Planet of the Apes and he had this to say:

The point of the matter is that we’re actors playing roles and they happen to be in this instance, apes. But there is no difference. If we were to block out the scenes as actors in costumes it would be no different, the process is no difference. You’re embodying the character, you’re creating the psychology and physically, you’re living the moment.

And I have to agree. The are no different to, let’s say, Al Pachino in as far as they are their character. I mean you cannot deny the level of intensity Serkis  portrays when acting as Caesar so to split Oscars would be to deny them that nod if you ask me. Serkis goes on to say:

Of course there is this whole gray area seemingly that every time this is talked about (regarding) animators and who takes ultimate responsibility for the character, but without question, and I’ll go down saying this, these characters are all authored by what we’re doing on set. They are not authored by animators. Animators do amazing work translating and interpolating the characters and facial performances, but if you don’t get it on the day, in the moment, on set, in front of the camera with a director and the actors, the emotional content of the scene and the actors, if it’s not there on the day it will never be in the movie. So that is really important to understand, and it is understood. Now, there are great A-list actors who are using performance characters because they realize there is a perception shift.

It’s also interesting to see how many famous, A-List actors now lend their voices to animated movies. In fact I cannot think of one who HASN’T these days!

Andy Serkis will return as the General Caesar 14 July 2017 and I’ll be first in line!

Last Updated: December 14, 2016

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