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Channing Tatum is going to break some bones as Evel Knievel

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Eel Knievel may be one of the greatest stuntmen in history, but it’s not due to the way he broke bones and cleared jumps, but more to his savvy marketing ability. Sadly, the legendary rider passed away back in 2007, having lived a life that was made for a big screen adaptation.

And lo and behold, former stripper, movie soldier and undercover cop Channing Tatum wants to take a crack at splintering a few veterbrae as the patriotic performer.

Channing doesn’t just want to portray the stuntmen on screen, but wants to work behind the scenes as well, producing the project. He’s looking to adapt the Stuart Baker book on Knievel, Life of Evel, and has his production partner and Magic Mike scripter Reid Carolin roped in with 50 shades of grey screenwriters Mike DeLucas and Dana Brunetti to help realise the film.

Knievel has been the subject of several TV specials and two films already, most notably a 1971 version of his life then starring George Hamilton called Evel Knievel, while a 1977 project starred the man himself, in Viva Knievel!. In 2004, McG was rumoured to be creating a new spin on the man, in a film that would be titled Pure Evel, before that was shuttered.

Although the idea of seeing Tatum break bone and face, several times over 90 minutes, is certain to please several people, so don’t be surprised to see  the familiar stars and stripes jumpsuit donned once more for this film project.

Last Updated: July 11, 2012

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