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Check out the trailer for dark local thriller HUM

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You know the old chestnut about the movie business being all about who you know? Well, it’s true. And right now, somebody knows me. Or rather I know somebody. In this case, Willem Grobler an award-winning local filmmaker, who just so happens to be a friend of mine (and who has contributed to this site before). So yes, I am about to feature the work of a friend, which does sound a little shady, but I’m hoping the fact that the work is also damn good is just going to distract you from the smell of nepotism.

The work in this case is Hum, an upcoming short-film commissioned for the KykNet Silwerskermfees, a festival hosted by the local TV Afrikaans channel to foster and promote upcoming filmmaking talent in South Africa. Hum is a brooding dark thriller with a dash of conspiracy (about the source of the titular hum) and some heavy psychological overtones. I actually read a very, very early draft of this script waaaaay back in its infancy. Based on the first trailer released for Hum though, there’s clearly been a considerable evolution of characters and narrative. Seeing as how that early genesis was already very engrossing, I actually cannot wait to see what Grobler has done with the finished product.

Check out the synopsis and trailer below.

Thomas has been hearing the crippling hum for so long that he can hardly remember when things started going wrong. To make matters worse, nobody else hears it, and so Thomas agrees to go for electroshock therapy to overcome the hum for good. This leads to memory loss, and Thomas resumes sessions with his psychiatrist Dr. Swart in order to unravel his past so that he can win back Jana, the love of his life. But the ceaseless hum continues to haunt him, and he starts to feel like he is under constant surveillance. Despite all of this, Thomas is convinced that he’s getting closer to the truth behind the hum, as well as the likelihood that he can finally convince Jana of his sanity… But how much more can he truly sacrifice before his obsession takes the ultimate toll?

(Note: We are aware that the embedded player below is taking quite some time to load. Please just be patient about it)

Hum stars Carel Nel, Cintaine Schutte and Deon Lotz.

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Last Updated: May 5, 2017

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