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David Fincher to possibly direct WORLD WAR Z sequel?

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World War Z 2 seems to be having just as troubled a production as the first film. Except only, they haven’t even started production of the film, as they can’t find a director for the sequel. We had Juan Antonio Bayona signed up direct the film, before he was tapped for Jurassic World – and obviously, you can’t blame him for choosing that film instead. And since then, while there have been rumours of other directors getting involved nothing has been finalized for the sequel.

And now news has leaked that Brad Pitt in his search for a director to helm the film, is courting frequently collaborated David Fincher to direct the sequel. Now, I am a huge Fincher fan – I have loved most of his films and the three he has done with Pitt (Se7en, Fight Club and Curious case of Benjamin Button) are all really good films… But World War Z – I’m not so sure it’s a good fit. Fincher’s films tend to be dark and brooding, more slow burners than the high pulse action and terror we got from the first film. So, either its going to be a complete change of scenery for the stylish Fincher or the studio could perhaps be looking for a change of direction with the sequel


The director should be available, as he hasn’t really been tapped to direct any films since 2014’s Gone Girl and has spent most of the past few years on TV, with the Netflix pilot Mind Hunter’s his most recent directing job. The director has however, also previously voiced his displeasure with wanting to work on sequels after he had a torrid time with his first film directing job, Alien 3 and couldn’t handle the studio meddling and having to fit to someone else’s vision. So I’m pretty sure, if he were to take on this film, it would need to be on his terms.

Either way, if this goes ahead – it’s going to a film that has my attention even more. Not so much because I’ll be more excited to see it, but just excited to see how the combination can work.

The film was initially planned for release on June 9, 2017, but will obviously be moved out once they have a production schedule all set again.

Do you think David Fincher would make a good choice for World War Z? Which director do you think would make a good fit?

Last Updated: August 12, 2016

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